June 19, 2015

3 Easy Steps to Revitalize Your Corporate Desk

by TrueNorth Desks

If you’re like most people, your desk is probably the one place other than your bed that you occupy the most. If your workspace isn’t optimized, it doesn’t just make you unproductive—it can change your entire mood. Here’s how your desk can actually help you fight your way out of the day-to-day monotony.

Declutter the Area
Nobody can be productive if a workstation is covered in papers, files, and coffee mugs. Having a clean area sets the mood for the entire workday. When you sit down at a cluttered desk you immediately begin to feel flustered and out of sorts. But having a clean area allows you to arrive at the desk with a feeling of accomplishment and control over your environment.

Start by removing anything that doesn’t need to be on the desk, throwing away any old papers or removing mugs. Then stow away any items that you don’t use on a daily basis and organize it. Moving forward, try to set one day a week, or every two weeks, to declutter your environment.

Personalize Your Space
Your workspace doesn’t need to be all business—you should add personal touches that make it feel more like you. When you create a space that’s inviting, you will be more excited to sit down at your desk.

Set up a few pictures of your friends and family, which will help you feel more connected to them despite being apart. Electronic picture frames are an excellent option because they can rotate through numerous pictures. Surrounding yourself with knickknacks from your travels will help motivate you to create a solid work/life balance, and remind you that reaching work goals can help you reach personal goals, like reaching your ideal travel destination.

Create an Ergonomic Workspace
Transforming your desk to make it more ergonomic is one of the best ways to revitalize your workspace. When your environment is best suited to your body’s needs, you will feel better, be healthier and have a more positive outlook on life—which will only benefit your work life.

Numerous studies have found that constant sitting adds unneeded stress to your back and spine, in addition to potentially contributing to many life threatening health problems. Fortunately there are ways to create a more ergonomic workspace. TrueNorth™ standing desks allow the option to either sit or stand while you are working. The adjustable height desks reduce many of the health risks that accompany sitting for too long.

Whether you are using a TrueNorth™ motorized standing desk or a traditional corporate desk, you still need an ergonomic chair. When selecting the right chair, one of the most important features is lumbar support. It should be adjustable, to fit your personal preference, and have an inward curve that adequately supports your lower back.

If you are interested in an ergonomic desk to revitalize your space, here’s a great place to start.

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