October 24, 2015

3 Lessons You Can Learn from Startups

by TrueNorth Desks

Startups have become heavy hitters in the business world. Despite their smaller size and fewer available resources, they are idea makers and are always on the forefront of revolutionary concepts, such as the standing office desk. It’s not uncommon for startups to begin with a few employees but grow within a couple years into a multimillion-dollar company. They clearly must be doing something right.

Below are three value lessons to take away from startups to apply to your own company:

Focus on the Employee
People often like working at startups because each employee has more power and influence at a smaller company than a bigger one. They are all essentially big fish in a little pond. And when you consider that employees are more motivated by intrinsic factors, like whether they are making a difference (as opposed to financial incentives) you can see why a startup would be appealing. But how can bigger companies benefit from this? The answer is: focus on the employee. Make each employee feel valued and appreciated.
By equipping the office with standing desks, you’ll be showing your employees that their wellbeing is important. Stand up desks are a better and healthier alternative to corporate furniture because it allows you to work either standing or sitting down. When employees see that their company is committed to providing a healthier environment, it will make them feel valued.

Embrace Revolutionary Ideas
Startups are often considered thought leaders—they look for holes or gaps in an industry, any place where they can find a niche, and they come up with products that no one else is doing. This is what makes their company invaluable. But in order to become thought leaders, they must first be open and receptive to new ideas. That’s one of the biggest lessons that bigger companies can learn from startups: don’t be afraid of new ideas, no matter how crazy they sound. Because one of those could be a million dollar idea.

Keep Organizations Lean
Because startups have fewer people than a large corporation, they are able to cut down on the time it takes to make decisions—whether it’s about a creative strategy, a product idea or task delegation. The fact is, many startups can operate more efficiently, effectively and faster than larger corporation. They are able to work together as one big team, as opposed to multiple teams all trying to operate cohesively. So when you are considering hiring more people, ask yourself whether that person is truly necessary or if are they just going to slow down the process. Remember, bigger doesn’t always mean better.

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