December 7, 2016

3 Reasons Why Standing Desks Elevate the Entire Office

by TrueNorth Desks

3-reasons-why-standing-desks-elevate-the-entire-officeOne of the most important elements to employee satisfaction is the general morale of the office workplace. It’s important to maintain a positive office culture, because employees want to be involved with a company that values their health and happiness. For many industries, it is an employee’s marketplace, meaning there are many opportunities for employment available to them. Employers have to constantly look for ways to improve office life and ensure that employee retention remains high. One of the key ways that employers can invest in their employees is through ergonomic office furniture. Standing desks, well-designed computer accessories, headsets and chair options are all key to stocking up on ergonomic office furniture. If you have yet to start using motorized sit to stand desks, it’s important to consider the many health benefits they can offer users. Here are 3 ways that standing desks elevate the morale throughout the office environment:


Companies that invest in the standing desk lifestyle often see an increase in employee morale and customer satisfaction. Standing desks are built for collaborative offices. The variety of sit to stand desks offered through TrueNorth can be arranged in many ways to pair with one another. This collaboration offers a sense of respect in employee thought and opinion, and can work to improve company morale and individual buy-in. Ergonomic office furniture, such as TrueNorth standing desks, offer health benefits that positively affect employees and allow for more energy to collaborate throughout the workday.


Employees working in creative industries typically are very fond of the motorized standing desks available through TrueNorth. The availability of options, from multi-tiered work stations to deep-set surfaces, appeal to all types of creative employees. Also, the whisper-like motor seamlessly adjusts the desk height and is a key feature for users. Employees are grateful for the opportunity to choose their preferred working position, and this autonomy serves to aid in creativity. When creativity and personal choice are valued within an office environment, it can quickly elevate employee morale. Employees that can see evidence of their employer’s trust in their work and day-to-day performance are generally happier and more loyal to the brand.


Standing desks offer a streamlined look and feel to an office environment. The minimal use of chairs and the heightened workspace allow for cleaner lines and fewer pockets of clutter. As employees move between workstations and common meeting areas, there is little need for distraction, and therefore, greater productivity is seen throughout the day. Employees who work in well-organized, clean and cohesive environments tend to emulate those characteristics within their own work. Employers that invest in sit to stand desks often see their employees’ morale elevate as a result.

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At TrueNorth, we understand that office workers deserve to have ergonomic office furniture. Employers that invest in their employees’ health and happiness ensure higher levels of productivity and customer satisfaction. We have designed a fleet of sit to stand desks that allow employees the ability to choose their preferred working position. Contact us today to learn more about our standing desks and to see which ones are best for your corporate office environment.

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