July 15, 2017

3 Ways You Can Change Your Office Culture for the Better

by TrueNorth Desks

We spend the better part of our weeks at our jobs. No matter what you do, it’s always helpful to take inventory and see how the work/life balance can be improved. If you are looking for your daily office environment to improve, it’s best to start looking from within. As you make subtle changes to your day, you will eventually affect others. Small changes make a big difference. At TrueNorth, our sit to stand desks are the result of a few people wanting to make a big impact on the lives of office workers. We understand how important it is to work in a positive atmosphere. Here are 3 ways you can change your office culture for the better:


No one likes to be left waiting. If you are known for running late, you’re known for the wrong reasons. An office environment that is always behind is one of stress. Shift away from this unnecessary stress by committing to punctuality in the workplace. This includes deadlines, arrivals, meetings, breaks, and leaving at the end of each day. Set a timer on your motorized standing desk to remind you when it’s time to start preparing for the next task. As more and more people in your office commit to punctuality, the overall stress level will decrease.

Smart Talk

Most everyone grows tired of small talk. It’s a necessary evil during most work days. Its bland normalcy has become commonplace for greetings and sharing information in and around the office standing workstations. Instead, find ways to engage in “smart talk.” Get rid of, “How was your night?” Ask inviting questions, such as, “What did you and your family do for dinner last night?” Engage in questions that offer more dialogue with your coworkers. Start a book club or a culinary group. Find out what interests are held outside of work, and connect on those. As more and more co-workers are able to engage in interesting conversations, office morale will go up.

Healthy Routines

If your office environment needs a boost of positivity, check the pulse on everyone’s daily routines. If the majority of people are snacking on processed foods throughout the day, you might have your first clue into sluggish behavior. It matters what we put into our bodies! TrueNorth’s standing desks and adjustable height desks were created to offer ergonomic support to office workers. Sitting is the new smoking, and we have to get out of the habit of hunching shoulders over our desks every day! Find ways to incorporate healthy routines into the office, and you’ll start to see more positive attitudes.

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