July 31, 2017

4 Benefits of the TrueNorth Wave Standing Desk

by TrueNorth Desks

For office workers looking to make the switch to more supportive and healthier corporate furniture, look no further than the TrueNorth Wave. Our stylish and ergonomically sound standing desk offers users the comfort of individual choices, while maintaining the appeal of universal style. On average, the typical office worker spends close to six hours a day parked in a chair. Instead, the TrueNorth Wave allows users the ability to transition between sitting and standing throughout the day. Research shows that those who maneuver between sitting and standing exhibit higher levels of satisfaction, energy, and productivity. Rise to the occasion with the TrueNorth Wave, one of our many height adjustable desks. Here are 4 benefits of the TrueNorth Wave standing desk:

Elegant Design

We offer a wide variety of desk designs in an effort to ensure that there is something for everyone. The TrueNorth Wave has a subtle curve at the front of the desk, allowing users the ability to easily maneuver between tasks. The TrueNorth Wave fits easily into your office environment. The clean line along the back makes it a great option for the receptionist area, against a wall. It would also work as part of a pod, stacked up with other sit to stand desks. The design of the TrueNorth Wave insists on ergonomic office furniture without sacrificing taste.

Curved Adjustable

Because of the subtle curve at the front of the standing desk, users can easily maneuver between tasks on either side. There is less strained reaching, and a more natural flow of activity. Research shows that monotonous tasks are where injuries happen in the workplace. With ergonomic office furniture, you can have confidence knowing that your daily tasks are supported and are less likely to cause you harm.

Programmable Height

At TrueNorth, we recommend that office workers stand for 3-5 hours during each work day. As you get comfortable with your standing desk, you’ll soon discover that specific tasks are easier to do when either sitting or standing. You’ll soon get into a routine of moving between the two positions at your TrueNorth Wave. Our motorized standing desks are built to easily, safely, and efficiently maneuver positions. The programmable function on each of our sit to stand desks allows you to change height positions to a predetermined number. Guess work is removed, and you can get right back to the tasks at hand.

Ergonomic Support

Beauty and brains don’t always come in the same package, but the TrueNorth Wave surpasses expectations! The elegant design, subtle curve, and variety of finishes make this adjustable height desk pop for interior designers and office managers. You won’t find a better looking desk for your office! However, it’s also built with ergonomic support in mind. Standing desk users report a reduction in lower back and neck pain. Research also shows that ergonomic office furniture can contribute to lowered risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and obesity.

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At TrueNorth, we have created a line of motorized sit to stand desks that offer ergonomic support to office workers around the world. Born and built in the USA, our standing desks can hold up to 300 pounds and adjust to preset heights for optimal comfort and support. The TrueNorth Wave is a dynamic, superior workstation that provides ample room to support creativity and productivity. We have a wide range of standing desk selections so you can choose the right desk for your workspace. Contact us today to learn more about our ergonomic office furniture and to get started on your order.

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