December 15, 2016

4 Reasons to Keep Your Standing Desk Tidy

by TrueNorth Desks

It can be very easy throughout the workweek to allow your standing desk to become cluttered. The paperwork seems to multiply without warning, your inbox can’t seem to stop receiving new mail and coffee cups line the perimeter of your desk. It’s a sight that we’ve all seen before! While the end of the year can be a busy time, it’s important to keep your standing desk and workspace clean. Here are 4 Reasons to Keep Your Standing Desk Tidy:


Everyone wants to be more productive this year, and there is a strong link between productivity and organization. Productive people don’t waste time trying to find documents or get distracted by excess paperwork. They focus in on a specific task and stay with it until it is completed. Organization can look differently for everyone. There is no set way to organize your standing desk; however, it is important that you determine a consistent method that works for you. Your standing desk does a great job of keeping you healthy and happy at your workspace, but you have to also do the work of staying productive throughout the day. Make it easier on yourself with an organized system!


In so many areas in life, we create the life that we believe we deserve. No matter what your job is, it’s important that intentionality and pride go into your space. You most likely spend 40+ hours each week behind your standing desk, and it’s imperative that you take pride in the space. Fill up your sit to standing desk with decor and tokens that remind you of what you work for and what your goals are. Keep your space clean and take time each day to declutter. Keeping your office furniture and standing desk organized is a testament of the pride you take in your work, and even in yourself.


Standing desks are known to promote healthier lifestyles for users. Employees who use standing desks report a reduction in lower back and neck pain and an overall sense of health. Healthier people are generally more positive throughout the work day! Standing desks can offer employees a sense of control over their environments. The motorized, sit to stand feature allows users to pre-program their preferred heights and effortlessly utilize both options throughout the work day.

Planning Ahead

Keeping your workspace organized is one of the best ways to remain productive and positive throughout your workweek. It is also a key factor in your ability to plan ahead. Make sure that your standing desk remains organized throughout the week, and build time into your schedule to plan ahead for future weeks.

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