July 17, 2017

4 Reasons You’re Ready for the TrueNorth Desktop Riser

by TrueNorth Desks

Standing desks offer users a wealth of benefits. Proven to be more ergonomically sound than traditional corporate furniture, sit to stand desks offer autonomy and customized variety to the average office worker. If you are interested in utilizing a standing desk, but aren’t yet ready to make the plunge, consider the TrueNorth Desktop Riser. The Desktop Riser is an affordable alternative to a standing desk. The riser sits on top of your existing desktop, and smoothly and quietly operates on twin gas springs through an infinite number of height adjustments. The riser adjusts your desktop materials up to 20” above, allowing users to transition between sitting and standing positions throughout the workday. Here are 4 reasons you’re ready for the TrueNorth Desktop Riser:

Healthy Motivation

You’ve probably heard it before: sitting is the new smoking. For individuals looking to make improvements to their overall health and happiness, consider investing in the ergonomic office furniture from TrueNorth. The Desktop Riser offers users a chance to program preferred heights and adjust as needed throughout the work day. Using a standing desk has numerous health benefits, including lowering cholesterol and the chance of obesity.  

Productivity Matters

Making the switch to an adjustable height desk is one of the best things that you can do for yourself at the office. Establishing a set routine between sitting and standing offers individuals more time to be productive during the workweek. As you become less worried by lower back and neck issues, and more energized to perform daily tasks, you’ll see why ergonomic office furniture is so important.

Perks of Purchase  

In many offices, you have access to a stipend for personal office supplies. Consider investing in this standing desk feature. Maybe a traditional standing desk is out of budget, but the TrueNorth Desktop Riser is priced to be an affordable option for individuals. If you work for yourself, the cost of whatever ergonomic office furniture you prefer can be written off as a business expense. Invest in products that contribute to your overall well-being.

Point of Transition

Maybe you are in the middle of a transition in your work life. Maybe you are making the leap to working for yourself or you are unsure how long you will stay at your current job. This uncertainty is no reason to put off investing in your personal health and productivity. The TrueNorth Desktop Riser offers the benefits of a traditional motorized standing desk, while still remaining affordable and easy to move. You can use it in whatever new job pursuit you find yourself in.

Contact Us

At TrueNorth, we have created a line of motorized standing desks  that offer ergonomic support to office workers around the world. Born and built in the USA, our standing desks can hold up to 300 pounds and adjust to preset heights for optimal comfort and support. The TrueNorth Desktop Rider includes a grommet hole in the upper deck for cable management. The keyboard surface features a unique +/-10° tilt adjustment, and the complete unit arrives fully assembled and is ready to use right out of the box. Contact us today to learn more about our ergonomic office furniture and to get started on your order.

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