November 2, 2016

4 Scary Truths About Sitting All Day

by TrueNorth Desks

4-scary-truths-about-sitting-all-dayWhile scary movie nights, ghosts and goblins, and the occasional Trick-or-Treater may be fun, the true terrors of chronic pain are no laughing matter. Tens of thousands of Americans suffer every day from unavoidable, and seemingly untreatable, pain due to poor health and unfit lifestyles. It’s an epidemic – people are getting bigger and lazier with each passing day, and too many corporations are failing to address the problem within their office environments. Instead of ignoring the problems, employers can find ways to address unhealthy lifestyles and promote well-being within the workplace. Some say, “sitting is the new smoking.” Can you imagine working in a corporate office in 2016 with the room full of cigarette smoke? Absolutely not! But individuals at desks surround us, and we don’t even think twice. Here are 4 scary truths about sitting desks, and motivation to make the switch to standing office desks:

Chronic Pain

When pain can’t go away, nothing else matters. It is a sensitive subject, and we are deeply sorry for anyone subjected to long-lasting and ceaseless pain. Looking for comfort and ways to alleviate discomfort become a full-time job for some people, and it’s a terrible thing to witness. Our hope is that ergonomic office furniture, available through TrueNorth, might help to prevent and minimize lower back and neck pain for individuals. The motorized function on each desk design allows users to maneuver between sitting and standing options, which offers control and autonomy to the individual.

Low Motivation

It’s easy to slouch while sitting in a chair, and if you’re slouching in a chair for 5-7 hours every day, chances are you are slouching your way through life. Sitting all day does little to inspire or motivate. It isolates the individual, taking him or her away from the tasks at hand or the input of others. Standing desks allow for individuals to stand straighter, work more efficiently, move faster, and take more pride in their work. If employees are hesitant to get on board with standing desks, we recommend just getting a few and allowing the rest of the group to be influenced by the motivation and sense of purpose these standing desks bring to those who use them.

Lack of Community

Even the most introverted of individuals wants some sort of human interaction. When companies use standing desks, employees are quicker to move throughout the office. This availability of community doesn’t make for a more distracted workforce, however, it encourages organic collaboration and support among employees.

More Calories

Office jobs are notorious catalysts of employee weight gain. Employees develop poor habits of snacking too much throughout the day while sitting at their desks. The lack of variety encourages boredom, and boredom tends to lead to snacking. For anyone trying to eat healthier while at the office, a standing desk is going to be a much better option for maintaining a well-balanced diet. For one, there is the subconscious motivator of, “Can other people see me?” Generally, we keep our bad habits hidden from others. More so, though, standing desks demand that you remain more mentally present throughout the workday. This means less mindless snacking, which in turn means fewer calories.

At TrueNorth, we understand that investing in corporate furniture for your office is a costly expense. However, we do believe it is more costly to ignore the health and well-being of employees. Our team of designers, developers and customer service representatives are committed to the idea that everyone deserves quality and ergonomically sound office furniture to complete their daily tasks. Contact us today to find out more about our desks and how you can implement them in your office.

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