April 3, 2017

4 Ways Active People are Happier People

by TrueNorth Desks

As the spring season leaves its mark, people are more and more eager to get outside and enjoy the good weather. As activity rates increase, so do individuals’ moods. At TrueNorth, we are happy to see our customers and employees shift into a more energetic and joyful time of the year. As employees move from their standing desks to taking their lunches outside, we are able to see a shift in attitudes and activity levels. This seasonal shift brings out more productivity and positivity at work. Here are 4 ways active people are happier people:

Goal Oriented

Active people have an idea of what they want to accomplish, and they go for it with determination. Active people don’t generally wait for things to happen to them; rather, they take control of situations and find ways to make their goals a reality. At TrueNorth, we are big believers in this idea. It’s important for individuals and brands to come up with big goals and match them with tangible, achievable goals. When we first decided to design ergonomic office furniture, we took time to generate specific tasks that we could focus on, like various designs, determining optimal height, finding research-based support, etc. Active people go after their goals, and therefore see more results.

Energetic Attitude

Active people find opportunity to get involved in many things at once. They are able to balance their many interests, family, and work because they don’t lose the momentum. They plan accordingly and stay moving throughout the day, allowing them to maintain an energetic attitude. TrueNorth standing desks do a lot to help active people maintain their energy throughout the day. Sit to stand desks give users the ability to easily shift their desk between positions, and gives users the flexibility of choice while at work. Energy is hard to maintain if you’re sitting behind a desk all day; standing desks offer a better alternative.

More Time

Everyone has the same 24 hours in each day; however, active people always seem to pull from a reserve of more hours in the day. It seems that they are able to accomplish more in a day, and while they do have the same amount of hours as anyone else, there is some truth to the idea. Active people don’t waste time, and so they are constantly doing more productive things with their day. At work, active and engaged individuals can easily move between tasks, meetings, and pressing deadlines. They are unphased by the idea of stress, and maintain a productive pace throughout the day. Corporate furniture should reflect the goals of the employees, and standing desks offer office workers a sense of purpose and productivity at work.

Like Minded People

Employers are becoming more convinced of the importance of likeminded collaborators within the office environment. Instead of sticking people in cubicles and ignoring personalities, offices are beginning to embrace the idea of employees finding peers whom they click with, and building communities for collaboration. Active people are engaging people, and are quick to join in on these conversations. TrueNorth has designed eight standing desk options that can work together to form pod-like collaboration stations.

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