March 31, 2017

4 Ways to Make Your Office Commute More Enjoyable and Healthier

by TrueNorth Desks

For many Americans, the daily commute can easily take 4-5 hours out of each day. Between the drive to and from work, to and from school, and the myriad of evening activities mean that we are often behind the wheel, onto the next thing. TrueNorth is dedicated to the work of creating ergonomic office furniture, and promoting healthy lifestyles to today’s office worker. Our commitment to healthy living extends to the daily commute, and we encourage our employees and our customers to be mindful of how they are spending time during the commute. Here are 4 ways to make your office commute more enjoyable and healthier:


During the workweek, tack your commute time onto your mental work schedule. Commit to specific practices and routines while in the car or on the train to ensure that you are using your time wisely. This mindfulness will help you get to your standing desk each day in the right headspace, and ensure that you arrive home every night, ready to unwind. Set a playlist for your day that holds music, podcasts, and audiobooks that are centered around interests that you want to explore. Use your commute time to absorb topics that challenge and inspire you, and focus on taking in positive information on your drive.

Plan Ahead

It’s important to plan ahead at the beginning of each workweek. Set aside time each week to prepare for the week before it gets started. Fill up on gas at the beginning, or make sure that your transit access card is filled. Start your commute each day with plenty of time to make it to your destination, and cut down on the stress that you experience. By the time you get to your adjustable height desk each day, you deserve to be free from stress and ready for a productive day. Unnecessary stress takes a toll on your overall health and happiness. At TrueNorth, we know how important it is to incorporate healthy living into every aspect of life. We believe that it’s just as important to incorporate healthy living into your standing desk as it is into your commute.

Leave Margin

It’s so simple, but the practice of heading to work on time every day is often overlooked in our busy lifestyles. Instead of rushing through each morning and evening, find a way to make leaving on time a habit. Eliminate unnecessary tasks from your day and start waking up 30 minutes earlier every day. Do whatever it takes to chisel out more margin in your day. When you arrive at the office and set up at your standing desk, you’ll have to recover the stress time you’ve used on the way into work. Avoid the hassle and leave enough time so that you’re always early and never late.


Healthy eating and snacking is important while you are on the go. Keep a few portion-controlled bags of almonds or dried fruit in your car to use as a go-to when you get hungry. When working at your sit to stand desk, we also recommend that you are intentional in your snacking. Avoid the pitfalls of heavy carbs and lots of sugar, and fight against becoming a bored eater. The TrueNorth corporate furniture is designed for a holistic mindset, which extends to healthy snacking.

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