December 5, 2016

4 Ways to Spruce up Your Standing Desk

by TrueNorth Desks

4-ways-to-spruce-up-your-standing-deskThere is no reason for the office environment be synonymous with drab or mundane. It’s important for employers and individuals to put effort and intentionality into their work stations and office culture. Making sure that the physical space of your office is attractive and well-kept demonstrates pride in your work and is an essential part of motivating employees and attracting customers. There are many ways to make small changes to your office to promote a positive office culture. Here are a few ways to spruce up your standing desk and office environment:

Combining Spaces/Tasks

In many office environments, collaboration amongst employees is essential to morale and productivity. Employees that collaborate with their peers are often described as successful and satisfied in their work. TrueNorth desks are designed to fit alongside one another in a Tetris-like formation. Desks can be paired together to form larger, collaborative spaces for office employees. Don’t think of each desk as an individual piece, but look around your office space and see how various combinations of standing desks can be used to offer a new layout to the space.

Healthy Routines

Utilizing a TrueNorth standing desk allows an employee the flexibility to choose whether he or she wants to sit or stand throughout the workday. This personal choice that comes with a motorized standing desk allows for a healthier work environment. For many employees, there is little autonomy throughout the workday, and the chance to choose a sitting position compensates for some of that. Healthy routines are established by individuals when they are intrinsically developed. Just as you create eating and exercise patterns for yourself, you should also develop patterns around your workspace that are ergonomically sound and healthy.

Decor and Aesthetic

Consider using temporary wallpaper around your standing desk, or dedicate time each new season to switch up the decor. It’s important that you feel at home in your work environment. You spend a lot of time each day around your sit to stand desk, and leaving it void of any personality is a waste! Add some personal touches to your standing desk, and do a quick de-clutter sweep at the end of every day to make sure you’re ready for the next.


The space within your office environment should be clear of any clutter. This is sometimes difficult to do with the vast array of electronics and cords that most certainly crowd your space. Make sure that you evaluate the distance between your standing desk and any electrical outlets, and ensure that cords are organized accordingly under the desk. You can secure them to the bottom or leg of your sit to stand desk. Taking the time to organize and lay out your electronics will allow for optimal use of your ergonomic office furniture.

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At TrueNorth, we understand that office workers deserve to have ergonomic office furniture. Employers that invest in their employees’ health and happiness ensure higher levels of productivity and customer satisfaction. We have designed a fleet of sit to stand desks that allow employees the ability to choose their preferred working position. Contact us today to learn more about our standing desks and to see which ones are best for your corporate office environment.

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