April 26, 2017

5 Healthy Habits of Highly Successful Office Employees

by TrueNorth Desks

In today’s marketplace, employees bring their A-game to the office. Workers show up ready to work and carve out paths for themselves to move ahead in their careers. “Slacker” is a title that no one wants. There are many things you can do to promote productivity and efficiency in your work life. Showing up on time and ready with an established task list, as well as staying healthy with good eating and a proper ergonomic workspace are all steps you can take to ensure a successful work day. Here are 5 healthy habits of highly successful office employees:

On Time

Establish a work schedule for yourself that is realistic and works for you and your family. What time do you need to drop the kids off? When is traffic the heaviest? What time do you have to leave to make it to evening commitments? These are all important questions to ask yourself when it comes to establishing a weekly schedule. Being “on time” doesn’t just apply to the morning. It also means being on time for family dinner, the gym, or meetings throughout the day. Successful people determine a schedule and they stick to it. Write it down and put it next to your sit to stand desk, and commit to keeping it for the next week!

Eat Well & Exercise

Successful people also make a commitment to eat well and exercise regularly. This doesn’t have to be a huge deal. Maybe eating well for you this week is bringing your lunch from home four out of five days. Planning ahead what you eat gets you in the practice of visualizing your week. As you imagine the different meals that you’ll have, you can also visualize the work that you will get done, the positive attitude that you will maintain, and the successful week that you’ll see through.

Organized Space

Keeping your standing workstation neat and clean is an important aspect of staying successful throughout the week. Commit to decluttering your space at the end of every day. Prioritize tasks each week and establish a check system for when you complete each one.

Leave it at Work

Highly successful people are able to compartmentalize their day. Work stays at work. They aren’t distracted by outside relationships or tasks as they get things done, which allows them to leave confidently at the end of each day. They’ve decluttered the space around their motorized standing desk, and they know what is on the docket for next time. They are able to go home, enjoy the company of their friends and family, cook a nice dinner, and get a good night’s sleep.

Posture Perfect

Along with healthy meals and regular exercise, it’s also important for office workers to use ergonomic office furniture. Poor posture negatively affects the mood and productivity of office workers. Instead of laboring hunched over a tiny desk, invest in a TrueNorth standing desk and discover the benefits that come with healthy posture while at work. Standing desk users report a lower chance of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and obesity.

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At TrueNorth, we have created a line of standing desks that contribute to the overall health and positivity of office employees. Our team of customer service representatives are available to help you determine which of our standing desks is best suited for you and your office. When choosing to invest in your corporate furniture, consider the many benefits offered through TrueNorth. Contact us today to learn more about our ergonomic office furniture and to get started on your order.

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