July 8, 2017

5 Signs You Are Living a Balanced Lifestyle at the Office

by TrueNorth Desks

For many Americans, the struggle to balance work and personal demands can be taxing. Finding ways to maintain a healthy relationship with life’s varying stressors can be helpful to creating a positive work/life balance. When a positive balance is in place, individuals can work harder and live better. Instead of constantly trying to find time during the workday to manage personal tasks or taking work home every night, a balanced lifestyle offers individuals a sense of stability and being present. TrueNorth standing desks offer employees a way to establish healthy routines through their ergonomic office furniture. Here are 5 signs you are living a balanced lifestyle at the office:

Well Rested

Individuals who are able to establish a strong work/life balance are able to get better rest in the evenings. Going to bed and waking up at the same times during the workweek allow individuals to benefit from healthy routines. Instead of feeling tired during the day while working at their corporate furniture, they are rested and able to engage in multiple tasks and projects. Well-rested people maintain a healthy lifestyle through structured routines and self discipline.


When individuals are able to maintain productivity throughout the workweek, it is a sure sign of a balanced lifestyle. The ability to be productive is a result of the ability to be focused. Avoid easy distractions and unfinished tasks, as these can creep in and make it feel as if there isn’t enough time. TrueNorth motorized standing desks can be programmed to automatically move between sitting and standing positions. This ease of mobility allows users to assign specific tasks to specific working positions.

Stress Management

A balanced lifestyle most certainly means an ability to manage stress. Instead of being easily thrown off by unexpected events throughout the day, successful employees know how to roll with the punches. Create margins in your workday that allows time for mending mistakes and getting ahead. Employees who use sit to stand desks have fewer complaints of chronic lower back and neck pain. Finding ways to support your health throughout the workday can cut down on stress and fatigue, and offer a more balanced lifestyle for employees.

Healthy Snacking

Set up patterns and routines in your daily life that support a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Stocking up and storing healthy snacks around the office provide continuity and control to daily health habits. Instead of gorging on chips at your standing workstation, store raw nuts, prepared lunches, and hot tea at the office. A balanced lifestyle means that there aren’t daily highs and lows classified as “treats” or “cheat days.” Instead, balanced individuals include natural foods into their preferred routines.

Ergonomic Office Furniture

Individuals with a balanced lifestyle understand the office accessories and commitments that contribute to a healthy lifestyle. Investing in ergonomic office furniture is a big commitment, but it’s one that offers users a healthier lifestyle and more mobility. At TrueNorth, we have eight sit to stand desktop designs that fit every profession and preference of furniture.

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At TrueNorth, we have created a line of adjustable height desks  that offers ergonomic support to the typical American office worker. For managers looking to improve their staff ergonomic support, consider the health benefits of TrueNorth’s line of standing desks. We have a wide range of standing desk selections so you can choose the right desk for your workspace. Contact us today to learn more about our ergonomic office furniture and to get started on your order.

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