January 28, 2017

5 Ways to Contemporize Your Office Space

by TrueNorth Desks

In today’s marketplace, it’s important to offer your employees a contemporary work environment. Get rid of the cubicle walls and embrace a more collaborative, inspired and productive space within your business. At TrueNorth, we have created a line of standing desks that contribute to productivity, ergonomic support and general happiness in the workplace. It’s important that, as an employee, you incorporate contemporary benefits into your workspace. Here are 5 Ways to Contemporize Your Office Space:

Ergonomic Furniture

One of the best ways you can enhance your work environment is to utilize ergonomic office furniture. No matter the field you are in, it’s important that your electronics and desk features incorporate details that benefit your physical health. Consult with a doctor to determine which elements of ergonomic office furniture would best enhance your performance and health. Many times you can find supplemental funding from your insurance provider to help offset the cost of new office furnishings.

Clutter Free

In attempting to maintain a contemporary work environment, it’s important that you remove clutter and distraction from the area. There is less value placed on multi-tasking than there was 15-20 years ago. This is because psychologists and employers know that we don’t actually complete more or better work when we multi-task. It’s better when we focus on a specific task for a shorter amount of time. Removing clutter from your standing desk can help you maintain mental endurance as you sift through your daily tasks.

Collaborative Spacing

The motorized, adjustable height standing desks available through TrueNorth allow for a great amount of individual preference and choice during the workday. Our standing desks can also be arranged in Tetris-like formations to allow for multiple collaborative layouts. In today’s workplace, it’s important that we have opportunities to work with our peers on upcoming projects, and setting up your work environment with these pod-like desks can contribute to that goal.

Healthy Lifestyle

It’s hip to be healthy. Traditional seated-only desks are dated, and many professionals are moving away from a more sedentary lifestyle. As employers look for ways to contemporize their work environments and make their company more attractive to innovative and productive employees, it’s important to find ways to promote individuals’ health and happiness. When standing desks are available, there are fewer individual complaints of lower back and neck pain, and a healthier lifestyle is promoted.

Personal Touches

Gone are the days of stale workspaces void of any personality. There is no reason that your interests, passions and aesthetic preferences can’t shine through at your office. Find ways to incorporate personal touches around your standing desk. It’s important that you feel there is a sense of ownership over your workspace. As an employer, encourage your employees to make their work area their own, as this will contribute to higher levels of productivity and satisfaction.

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At TrueNorth, we believe that our line of standing desks work with the human body to ensure optimal ergonomic support, and therefore more energy. If you or your employees are finding it difficult to maintain momentum throughout the workweek, we encourage you to strongly consider how standing desks could impact your office culture. Contact us today to learn more about our standing desks and to get started on your first order.

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