January 8, 2017

5 Ways to Unplug in Order to Maximize Sleep Quality

by TrueNorth Desks

For millions of Americans, it has become a constant struggle to find ways to remain present and productive throughout the day. We are constantly distracted by 24-hour news cycles, social media, instant communication with friends and family, and the constant notification of work emails. It’s enough to cause anyone to become stressed under the weight of information. Unfortunately, this relentless cycle of news and contact affects us in our downtime and sleep. When we are not careful of the amount of screen time we have throughout the day, we quickly become accustomed to distraction. Throughout your work day, it’s important that the space surrounding your standing desk is free from distraction to ensure productivity. The same is true of the space in your head- you must keep it clear throughout the day so that it can rest appropriately during sleep. Here are 5 ways to unplug throughout the day to help you maximize sleep quality:


If you haven’t already, commit to removing screens and electronics from your bedroom. Don’t use the excuse of the alarm to keep yourself chained to your phone during all hours of the day and night. It’s very easy to get another alarm clock for your bedside table, and this freedom allows you to check the time in the middle of the night without running the risk of a missed call or work email. At TrueNorth, we understand how important it is to maintain a healthy work-life balance. It’s essential that you take steps throughout your day to benefit your work-life balance.


While at work, it can be counterintuitive to develop habits that positively affect your sleep. However, the stress and work that we experience throughout the day have a direct effect on our sleep at night. One of the great things about the standing desks available from TrueNorth, is that they contribute to a healthy lifestyle. When we are standing while we work, we are more focused and deliberate in our actions. This style of commitment can positively affect your sleep cycle. Consider taking time every hour to walk away from your standing desk and your electronics to give your eyes and mind a rest.


Be very careful about the deadlines that you take on throughout the work week. There is no need to take on too much work, only to find yourself struggling to find sleep at night. It’s important that you aren’t working on an electronic screen until late in the night. This aggravates your ability to sleep through the night. Set up a schedule that outlines stopping and starting times for various tasks.


One key stressor that affects sleep is the transportation we use throughout our work week. If you are stuck in traffic throughout the day, it’s easy to not use that time wisely. If you’re taking public transportation to get to and from work, it’s important that the entire time isn’t spent on your phone. Minimize screen time throughout your day and avoid taking short, digital breaks while at work. As much as possible, move away from your standing desk and away from your digital life during the work day, and to and from work. These healthy habits benefit your sleep schedule.

Healthy Lifestyle

TrueNorth standing desks are programmable and offer a motorized, sit to stand function on all designs. This allows you to easily move between sitting and standing throughout the workday. Make sure that the decisions you are making throughout each and every day contribute to the lifestyle that you are creating for yourself. Don’t waste your day on your phone. Get outside, cook a new meal, engage in conversation and find ways to live your healthiest life possible.

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