April 16, 2017

6 Signs You’re Ready to Take the Leap and Work from Home

by TrueNorth Desks

For many American families, the appeal of working from home is on the rise. The increased amount of commuting traffic, the ability to perform administrative tasks online, and the cultural move away from the traditional 9-to-5 mentality have made it realistic for more and more workers to move to a work-from-home environment. Working from home can have numerous benefits in your personal and professional life. A flexible schedule and zero commute offers traditional desk workers a stronger sense of ownership and satisfaction over their work. As ergonomic office furniture becomes more affordable, it’s not only possible but better for workers to make the move to home offices. Here are 6 signs you’re ready to take the leap and work from home:

Kids’ Schedule

It’s easy to let the kids’ schedule rule daily life. However, working with their existing schedule, you can create an agenda and a routine that fits both the kids and the adults. Working from home offers more flexibility when completing tasks. Everything doesn’t have to be done after 5 p.m., and you can move between corporate office and real life chores in an organic, realistic manner.

Done Punching the Clock

Making the switch to a home office is important for many employees who have put in their time punching a clock. They are done working for someone else, and want the privilege and responsibility of working for themselves. A home office gives you the opportunity to leave your standing desk throughout the day to manage the other details of your life. It might mean longer or later hours some days, but it’s a schedule that you are creating for yourself.

You’ve Got an Idea

Maybe the kids have recently moved out of the house or you’re experiencing another life transition right now. You’re ready to move out of your current position and find a way to work for yourself. A home office, with a standing workstation and consistent access, offers you the chance to fulfill an idea that you’ve been developing for a while. If an office at your house isn’t going to work, consider finding a co-work space somewhere in town. Many times these options will come equipped with ergonomic office furniture.

Family Support

Having the support of your family and friends makes a big difference when choosing to make the transition into working from home. Family support means that there are no surprises when it comes to using space at the house, and there is support coming in when you need to decide between large purchases, such as a good printer or an adjustable height desk.

Remote Colleagues

Working from home opens you up to a larger network of colleagues. Instead of only having your peers in the office, you have access to people all across the web. You also have the opportunity to set up meetings across disciplines and expand your portfolio.

Separate Space

Make sure that when you make the switch to working from home, you actually have a space to move into. Whether it’s a spare room in your house or a co-work building close to town, find a place where you can get your work done within a set of hours that you decide. Also, make sure that you have the ability to furnish your home office how you prefer to work. Invest in a motorized standing desk for yourself. TrueNorth standing desks are adjustable, and sitting and standing heights can be programmed for easy transitions throughout the day.

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