May 30, 2017

6 Simple Ways to Avoid a Sedentary Lifestyle

by TrueNorth Desks

For most office workers, a long to-do list always competes with the need for a breath of fresh air. During the workweek, we all search for ways to combat fatigue and stress. We look to exercise, time with family and friends, places of worship, and life-giving routines to help balance our lives. At TrueNorth, we understand how important it is to manage weekly tasks while staying alert, happy, and healthy. Our standing desks are designed to help the average office worker live a holistically satisfying life. Here are 6 simple ways to avoid a sedentary lifestyle:

Set a Timer

While at the office, set a timer each day to alert you when it’s time to get up. They say that sitting is the new smoking, and it’s important that you find ways to exercise your muscles each day, even while at work. Set a timer on your phone, desktop computer, or find a cute, boutique clock to set on your motorized standing desk. Remind yourself when you need to step away from your desk, take a click lap around the block, or transition your TrueNorth desk from sitting to standing.

Wake Up Early

Productive people start their days early. We don’t all wake up immediately ready to go and face the day’s challenges. We need time to get ready, enjoy a hot cup of coffee, stretch, and set an intention for the day. Waking up even just 15 minutes earlier can help you to focus and be productive throughout the rest of the day. As you are more focused at your standing workstation, your mind and body will send triggers to let you know you’re getting sluggish. You can then reset and get back to the day’s work.

Monitor Water

It’s so easy to get into a habit of refilling the coffee cup or grabbing a fresh soda from the breakroom. These caffeine highs end up setting us up for a bad afternoon spiral. Avoid this exhaustion by drinking more water throughout your day. Set a goal with coworkers, and keep your own reusable water bottle at your standing desk. Drink at least eight glasses a day, and avoid falling into the afternoon stupor.

Evaluate Furniture

The traditional American office uses bulky office chairs and large desks. It’s easy to remain sedentary when your only option is to sit through the day. TrueNorth sit to stand desks allow users to move between positions throughout the day. The ergonomic design of our desks alleviates lower back and neck pain, and keeps you focused during the workweek.

Take the Stairs

If the stairs aren’t available to you, take a brisk walk around the block twice a day. Instead of using down time to surf the internet or gossip with a coworker, do something for yourself each day that gets your blood pumping and sharpens your mind. Our adjustable height desks make it so that you can easily move from the office to an exercise routine.

Do What You Love

A sedentary lifestyle is built around always wanting to rest and decompress. While this can be good for us, we all know that sometimes it gets to be too much. Make sure that you are working for a company that you respect, and doing work that you enjoy. Placing a priority on this can help you to work hard and rest well. Ergonomic office furniture is a great way to enhance the dream job that you’ve found.

Contact Us

At TrueNorth, we work to create a line of standing desks that benefits the overall health and happiness of office employees. When choosing to invest in your corporate furniture, consider the many benefits offered through TrueNorth. Contact us today to learn more about our ergonomic office furniture and to get started on your order.

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