February 24, 2017

6 Tips for a Healthy Work/Life Balance

by TrueNorth Desks

For millions of Americans, the battle to form a healthy work/life balance is a constant struggle. Our daily attention is divided between family, friends, work, volunteering and healthy habits. We are busier now more than ever, and finding tools to help with the balance has become increasingly important. At TrueNorth, we have created a line of standing desks that are dedicated to enhancing your life, in all areas.  From our drafting table to your ears, here are 6 Tips for a Healthy Work/Life Balance:

No Guilt

As you develop habits that contribute to a healthier work/life balance, it’s important to stick to your guns and avoid feeling guilty. When you say “Yes” to a healthy lifestyle, you inevitably say “No” to something else. This is OK. Find a pattern to your world that allows you to be healthy and happy, and other things will fall into place. A standing desk can be a big investment, but we know that they promote lower cholesterol, lower obesity rates, and decreased lower back and neck pain. The initial investment on the front end can save a lot of time, money and poor health in the long run.  

Healthy Food Habits

We know how easy is can be to slip into poor eating habits while working long hours at the office. However, proper meal planning and healthy food choices are important when it comes to leading fulfilling lives. When it comes to selecting what to eat around your corporate furniture, select healthy options that give you more energy in the long run. Meal planning services are a great way to ensure quality ingredients and healthy foods.

Ergonomic Support

The energy that we create and spend throughout the day stays with us in the weeks and months ahead. It’s important to include ergonomic office furniture in our workplace. These office features help reduce lower back and neck pain, and contribute to an overall healthier and more enjoyable quality of life. Work shouldn’t be something to endure, but something that contributes to the greater picture of our lives. Make sure that your furniture reflects that.

Stick to a Schedule

It’s going to be much easier to balance work and personal life when you have a consistent schedule with which to work. Carve our non-negotiable times for exercise, family meals, emails and meal planning. Set aside one day every weekend to live schedule-free, and enjoy the order that comes with your schedule throughout the rest of the week. Post the schedule in your car, on your phone, at your standing desk, and next to sink in your kitchen. Remind yourself often of what your priorities are.

Solid Sleep

Nothing cures the soul more than a good night of sleep. Whether you need five or ten hours each night, find what works for you and get it. No amount of healthy eating and ergonomic office furniture will work if there isn’t a consistent, healthy amount of sleep each night. Set an alarm each evening to remind you that it’s time to start winding down, and keep your phone and other electronics out of your bedroom.

Do What You Love (and love what you do)

There is no reason for us to stay put in jobs that don’t bring us joy. It’s OK if not every day is perfect, but on the whole, you should work in a job that you enjoy and that is life-giving. This allows for a much healthier balance between the corporate office environment and the home.

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