January 11, 2016

Accessories to Make the Most of Your Standing Desk

by TrueNorth Desks

The benefits of standing desks are numerous—from decreasing your chance of cardiovascular disease to increased focused and concentration on your work. You can’t go wrong with a standing desk. But once you have your desk, there are a few accessories that will really maximize these benefits. These accessories will make your work environment more comfortable, improve your posture and eliminate pain. Check out these must-have accessories:

Comfortable Shoes

The best companion to your TrueNorth standing workstation is a pair of comfortable shoes. When you are standing for hours, a bad pair of shoes can put stress on your joints and cause you to stand with bad posture—canceling out all the great benefits of the standing desk. Even if you are just working from home—a supportive shoe is better than standing barefoot. If you don’t want to give up your favorite pair of pumps or oxfords, keep a pair of comfortable shoes at your desk to change into for the times that you are standing.   

Anti-Fatigue Mat

Anyone who has tried standing for hours knows that it can wear you out, even with the right shoes. An anti-fatigue mat is the perfect solution to combat the fatigue that comes with prolonged standing. This type of mat has enough cushion to make standing for hours a breeze while also providing enough firmness to give you support and stability. The combination of comfortable shoes and an anti-fatigue mat will allow you to stand for hours without any pain.

Laptop and Monitor Stands

Whether you are standing or sitting at your ergonomic computer desk, your laptop or monitor needs to be in a position that doesn’t cause you to crane your neck down or up. You should be able to easily see your screen while you are looking straight ahead with your shoulders back. Most monitors don’t naturally sit at the right height, which is why a stand is necessary to lift it up higher. Try to get an adjustable stand so that you’ll be able to move its position as you transition from sitting to standing at your desk.

Ergonomic Keyboard and Mouse

The hours you spend typing away at your keyboard or maneuvering your mouse is actually hard on your wrists. The way you have to angle your hands to type on a traditional keyboard pinches nerves in your hands, often leading to carpal tunnel syndrome. To save yourself some pain down the road, invest in an ergonomic keyboard and mouse, which has built-in support and cushion to rest your hands on.

Supportive Chair

TrueNorth height adjustable desks aren’t meant only for standing—that’s one of the great aspects about them—you can transition from a sitting to a standing position. But when you are sitting, you need to have a chair that’s ergonomic and has the right support to help you maintain good posture. One of the most important things to look for in a chair is good lumbar support. This will help keep you from slumping over when you’re tired in the afternoon. The lumbar support should fit the natural curve of your back and ideally be adjustable.

Foot Rest

Just like having an ergonomic chair can help with your posture, so can having a footrest. If you don’t have a footrest, you are more likely to cross or sit on your legs, which places pressure on your legs, decreasing blood flow and increasing the likelihood that you’ll develop blood clots. It also just causes you to sit with bad posture. If you do get a footrest, get one that adjusts so you can use it while you’re sitting and standing at your desk. When you are sitting, make a point to keep your feet propped up enough to release some tension off your legs. When you are standing, the rest is a great way to shift positions—by propping one foot on it and then the other.

If you haven’t already purchased your TrueNorth standing desk, check out our wonderful collection of height adjustable desks. Still not sold on the idea of a standing desk? Read more about the benefits of standing workstations.

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