November 25, 2015

Be a Better Employee by Exercising

by TrueNorth Desks

There are many benefits to exercising, like decreasing your risk of heart disease, increasing energy and feeling better about yourself. These reasons and more are why our line of TrueNorth standing desks has become so popular, because of all the health benefits you receive by using one. But did you know that working out makes you a better employee as well?

Here are a couple ways you’ll be a better employee if you start hitting the gym:

Boost Your Mental Strength
Working out allows your brain to be engaged in a different way than when you are at work. The mental focus needed during a workout trains your brain to be mentally sharp. This attribute becomes very handy when you are looking to find a creative solution to a work problem. It allows you to better see all sides of a problem or conflict, and settle on the right solution more easily.

Better Discipline and Determination
When faced with a work obstacle, good employees are able to push through with determination until a solution is found. That kind of discipline can be cultivated with a regular workout routine. When you exercise, you have to keep pushing yourself through pain. Whether it’s trying an advanced yoga move or running that extra mile, you have to stay motivated even with the going gets tough. That skill is invaluable as a business leader. Employees are faced with challenges every workday, but the good ones are able to stay motivated even when others might quit.

A Positive Outlook
Science has proven that exercise can act as a mood-booster, making you feel happier, more relaxed and positive after a good sweat session. Plus, having a more positive outlook on a situation can translate into better leadership skills. You can be motivating your team, helping them stay focused and upbeat whenever they encounter a work-related obstacle.

Our company offers a way for you to burn calories without even going to the gym through our TrueNorth stand up desks. Our height adjustable desks allow you to change your position while working from sitting to standing. Not only will you be doing something good for your body, but you’ll be improving as an employee. Check out our line of motorized standing desks and request a brochure for more information.

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