January 12, 2017

Best Corporate Office Furniture for Your Lifestyle

by TrueNorth Desks

Every year it’s important to reevaluate your individual input and output in society. It’s important to reflect on the ways in which you can improve, and the ways in which you have done well. This is also true of the products we use, the brands to which we are loyal, and the companies with which we associate. This is a good time of year to evaluate the items that you rely on for everyday use. If something isn’t working well enough for you, it’s important to part ways and find something to work in its place. Corporate office furniture can sometimes be very dull and uninspired. However, if half of our life is spent working, then it’s important that we fill that time with things that help us and don’t hurt us. Here are some of our top picks for best corporate office furniture for your lifestyle:

Standing Desks

Over the years, standing desks have continually been seen as the optimal choice for working professionals. These ergonomic office furniture choices are built to enhance the health and happiness of users. As you work long hours and days, it’s important that the office furniture in your workplace plays a positive role in your lifestyle. Individuals who use a standing desk report a reduced level of lower back and neck pain, as well as lower risk of cardiovascular disease, obesity and diabetes.

Adjustable Options

The ability to move seamlessly between sitting and standing options is a valuable perk for many corporate employees. For many of us, our jobs require long hours and it’s simply unrealistic to expect people to stand throughout the entire day. Instead, TrueNorth recommends that corporate employees stand 4-5 hours each day. The programmable feature on TrueNorth standing desks allows users to easily adjust their desks between sitting and standing options.

Ergonomic Desk Features

As you determine which corporate office furniture fits your lifestyle, it’s important that you find something ergonomically sound. Ergonomic office furniture accommodates the twists, turns and curves of your body to ensure they are properly supported throughout the workday. TrueNorth standing desks allow users to choose a working position that benefits their overall health and happiness.

Whatever You Like

When it comes to choosing office furniture, go with something you like. If your job does not provide the ergonomic office furniture that you believe will best enhance your health and happiness, then request an upgrade. There is no need to settle for what’s always been done, if what’s always been done isn’t working for you.

Contact Us

TrueNorth has created a line of desks that are ergonomically sound and aesthetically pleasing. Our standing desks allow users the flexibility to easily choose between standing and sitting options. This autonomy and ease of use adds an extra layer of comfort and usability to your workday. Our team of customer service representatives are able to help you determine the right standing desk for your office place. Contact us today to learn more about how you can own a standing desk.

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