February 4, 2017

Best Electronic Devices for Your Standing Desk

by TrueNorth Desks

In today’s workplace, it’s impossible to avoid the push for electronic devices. There are so many valuable accessories to assist your daily to-do list, and it’s important that you have the resources to evaluate which ones are best to pursue. At TrueNorth, we have created a line of standing desks that work with the user to promote productivity and functionality throughout the workweek. Our team of committed customer service representatives believes strongly in the benefits from standing desks, and we are eager to pair quality accessories with our ergonomic office furniture. Here are our picks for Best Electronic Devices for Your Standing Desk:

Second Computer Screen

Using a second computer screen at your desktop allows you more flexibility and enhanced visuals. If you are using the separately-adjusting dual levels of the TrueNorth Aspire standing desk, then you can have one screen on the higher level that holds unchanging information for the day. To-do lists, contact information, timers and reference documents can all stay stationary on that screen, and keep your primary laptop free to manipulate. For creative professionals, the second screen becomes especially essential, and easily fits on our Aspire standing desk.

Timer App

We all know that it’s important to effectively manage our time during the workweek. Tasks can creep up and become overwhelming if they aren’t dealt with on a micro level. Break up weekly goals into smaller tasks, and utilize a timer either at your standing desk or on your phone to keep you moving efficiently through each project. Schedule into your day time for breaks. Knowing ahead of time that you can look forward to a break throughout the day will help you zone in on specific tasks.

Quality Speakers and Streaming Services

Make sure that you have good speakers and access to music throughout the week! Setting up playlists ahead of time on streaming devices will help you avoid wasted time looking for music. Quality speakers will help you enjoy your pre-selected music and get you through each work day. Our TrueNorth Odyssey standing desk boasts a wide surface and allows you the space necessary to work on projects and hold your speakers.

Phone Headset

If you are on the phone a lot during the workweek, invest in a phone headset. One of the benefits of having a standing desk is that you can easily maneuver through the office, and a phone headset allows you to move around the office without having to rush back to your desk every time that your phone rings. Along with a phone headset, a wireless mouse and keyboard can also serve as ergonomic office furniture that promotes health.

Contact Us

At TrueNorth, we work with customers to help determine the best standing desk for your office needs. We have 8 expertly designed styles of standing desks that work for a variety of professions and needs. We know that not every desk works for every individual, and we can custom create orders to fit the needs of your staff. Our customer service representatives are equipped to help you choose the perfect standing desk. Contact us today to get started on your first order.

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