September 4, 2015

Better Office Furniture Leads to Better Results

by TrueNorth Desks

When employees sit down to create, the atmosphere can have a huge effect on the work that they produce. From the type of chair to size of desk, a lot can influence productivity and quality of work. Providing a work environment that will help employees be their best starts with the foundation—their workspace. When you give employees ideal corporate furniture, you’re giving them a better environment and you’re likely getting more productivity in return. It’s a win-win.

A reason standing desks are on the rise
Ergonomic office furniture has been making a serious statement in the corporate world, and this particular type of furniture has helped change the way people work at desks. Our bodies were not built for a sedentary lifestyle. They were made to move, jump, stand and walk. Since the birth of computers, most people find themselves sitting for eight or more hours per day, and that can lead to all sorts of health problems like neck pain, back pain, obesity, blood clots in the legs, and more. Ergonomic office furniture helps alleviate a lot of the issues that arise from prolonged sitting. But how do ergonomic desks enhance employees’ work performance?

By providing the utmost comfort to your employees, they will be able to focus more on their work and less on distractions, whether that’s pain, or stiffness, or just general boredom. Standing desks puts comfort back in the hands of employees. They can adjust their ergonomic standing desk to a height that feels right to them. If a position isn’t comfortable, employees can have the freedom to change how they work instead of being stuck at a stationary desk that hinders the ability to stay focused and on-task.

Ergonomic desks encourage creative performance
Ask most creatives what inspires them and you’ll get a variety of answers. But you would hear many of them say that a lot of their ideas are inspired by what’s around them—situations, people, and environment. Now imagine a creative genius staring at the same wall in the same office, with no variation, no stimulus, no creative impetus. How can you expect someone to be their most creative in that environment? For thousands of employers and employees around the world, standing desks like our world class line of office equipment are unlocking creative potential, and ensuring maximum productivity—and they’re making employees’ lives better while they do it.

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