February 4, 2016

Bring Lunch to Work and Eat At Your Standing Desk

by TrueNorth Desks

Many people who use TrueNorth sit to stand desks are so impressed with the health results (like losing weight) that they look for other ways to make healthy changes in their life. One small change you can do is to start bringing your lunch to work. You might be thinking that it’s hard enough just to get to work on time. But packing your lunch is better than eating out. You are more likely to eat less and make healthier food choices. Bringing your lunch every day does require a little extra time and effort, but we have a few tips that can make it a whole lot easier on you. Implement these tips and you’ll start bringing your lunch regularly.

Tip 1: Cook Extra Servings the Night Before

When you cook dinner during the week, make enough leftovers so you’ll have food for lunch tomorrow. You’ll need to remember to buy extra food at the grocery store. But it won’t require any extra effort to make a little more than your family normally eats. When you are done making dinner, put away the leftovers in a Tupperware container and place it in the fridge so no one in your family will be tempted to eat them. Then remember to grab them the next morning.

Tip 2: Choose One Day to Prepare Meals For the Week

Meal prep (making meals ahead of time) is a great tool to ensure that you have healthy meals ready to go. The meals will sit in your refrigerator or freezer already packaged so all you have to do is grab it while you are heading out the door to work. You don’t have to worry about trying to make lunch in the morning or evenings because it’s already set to go. Just designate one night a week, like Sunday, where you prepare the meals for the week. Having Tupperware containers with different sections is a great tool in meal planning because it allows you to keep different foods separate while still being in one easy-to-grab container.

Tip 3: Bring a Bag Full of Groceries to Work

If your office has a place for you to store food, then one of the easier ways to bring your lunch is to just bring all the food into the office and fix your lunch at work each day. You won’t be able to cook anything, but meals like sandwiches, salads, soups or wraps can easily be prepared at work. If you are making sandwiches during the week, bring a loaf of bread and then all the meat, cheese and toppings to make five different sandwiches. All of the food is already at the office, so you won’t need to remember to bring anything with you in the mornings.

Invest in your health by investing in TrueNorth height adjustable desks. Discover more information about our stand up desks by requesting a brochure and be sure to contact us if you have any questions.

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