July 7, 2016

Build Office Camaraderie with your Standing Desk

by TrueNorth Desks

Happy employees are better employees. We know this to be true from our own personal experience. But, there is more to employee happiness than just salary. Happiness at the workplace, on a day to day level, has a lot to do with office culture, friendships, and camaraderie.

While there are many fun ways to build office camaraderie after work hours, like happy hours, weekend hikes, or game days, there are also some ways to work on office relationships while at work.

Here are a few ways that your standing desk can be a jumping off point for creating a happier office environment.


Most of your work day is going to be spent working, obviously. But there will be some time during the day where you have a few minutes to kill. Maybe you are eating a quick lunch and have some time left over before you need to return to work, or a group of you are waiting on a team member for a meeting. Gather a few coworkers around your standing desk for a quick card game. Standing desks are ideal spaces for a few friends to stand around playing a card game or even a quick round of Heads Up on your phone.


This is another unconventional way to bond at work, but exercising at your adjustable height desk is good for your whole office! There are a few ways that you can use an in-office workout routine can help develop relationships. There may be a few of you who want to meet at the office early in the morning before the day starts and do some workouts at your standing workstation. Or you may get a group to commit to using 20 minutes of their lunch hour to do some exercising together before getting back to work. If your office is small enough, you can set a timer every couple of hours and lead a quick stretching exercise or standup desk workout to get everybody’s blood flowing and energy levels increased. The options are endless with this one and it is sure to bring everyone together.


When there is no time left for games or exercise because the work is building up, then host a meeting at your stand up desk. Your coworkers are more likely to speak up and get involved in a meeting when they are standing with one another rather than sitting in a cold and stuffy conference room. Meetings at standing desks encourage everyone to get involved which leads to greater feelings of confidence and camaraderie among your employees.
If your office still has not made the switch to standing desks, then it is time to check out all of the standing desk styles that True North Desks has to offer. Standing desks are not only great for office team building, they also help to boost creativity and increase energy levels. For more information on standing desk benefits, visit our blog and request a brochure.

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