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The Expert’s Guide to the Standing Desk Lifestyle

It’s been proven again and again that standing desks offer users health benefits that traditional, sitting-only desks do not. The rise in popularity of ergonomic office furniture is a testament to the quality of life that these sit to stand

4 Important Reasons to Use an Ergonomic Desk

For far too long, companies in the US have relied far too heavily on traditional office environments. Gone are the days of uniform seating, cubicle isolation, and whitewashed walls. Talented employees are drawn to ergonomic workspaces that promote collaboration, care

Why Creative Professionals Benefit from Standing Desks

Careers in the creative field make up an increasingly large number of the job market. Corporations are constantly on the lookout for creative talent to join their firms, and in-house design and web studios are able to offer six figure

Simplify Your Mornings with Standing Desks & More

Mornings can be hectic for all of us. Whether you are an early riser, always running late, or feel like you have it together, we can all use some tips to get our morning routine to work for us. The

Habits to Start to Become more Productive

We all want our time at the office to be time well spent. But distractions or bad habits can keep us from being our most productive. There are a few simple habits you can start to help you increase your

Bad Habits to Break in the Workplace

We all have some bad habits. Whether it is your love of junk food, too much coffee, or skipping your morning workouts, there are probably a few bad habits you would like to get rid of by the end of