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4 Benefits of the TrueNorth Wave Standing Desk

For office workers looking to make the switch to more supportive and healthier corporate furniture, look no further than the TrueNorth Wave. Our stylish and ergonomically sound standing desk offers users the comfort of individual choices, while maintaining the appeal

4 Reasons You’re Ready for the TrueNorth Desktop Riser

Standing desks offer users a wealth of benefits. Proven to be more ergonomically sound than traditional corporate furniture, sit to stand desks offer autonomy and customized variety to the average office worker. If you are interested in utilizing a standing

4 Tricks to Staying Focused at Your Home Office

For many Americans, making the switch to a home office is a great way to reinvigorate their career. As more and more jobs incorporate online communication and remote capabilities, office workers are finding that the job can be done from

5 Signs You Are Living a Balanced Lifestyle at the Office

For many Americans, the struggle to balance work and personal demands can be taxing. Finding ways to maintain a healthy relationship with life’s varying stressors can be helpful to creating a positive work/life balance. When a positive balance is in

4 Reasons Your Coworkers Will Thank You For Using a Standing Desk

For individuals working in an office, there is a constant desire to make the atmosphere more enjoyable and more productive. We want to work in environments that easily balance the details of both personal and professional lives. It’s easy to

4 Ways to Maintain Productivity in the Home Office

More and more Americans are making the switch to remote working and home offices. A flexible schedule and work setting can greatly improve employees’ overall satisfaction, productivity, and performance. If you are able to work from home, it’s important to