October 9, 2015

Choosing an Ergonomic Chair for Your Height Adjustable Desk

by TrueNorth Desks

Ergonomic office furniture options, like standing desks and ergonomic chairs, have gained popularity for the health benefits they offer. And as much as you sit at your desk working, day in and day out, you want to have office furniture that’s comfortable, positioned for your body, and that helps you be your most productive. When you are looking for a quality ergonomic office chair, these are some things you should pay attention to:

Good Lumbar Support
One thing that sets ergonomic chairs apart from traditional chairs is the lower back support. Having good lumbar support helps you maintain a better posture while sitting, leading to decreased muscle and joint pain. The lumbar support should have an inward curve that fits nicely along the natural curve of your spine. The lumbar support should also be adjustable in both height and width.

A Proper Backrest
Like lumbar support, the backrest needs to fit comfortably to the natural shape of your spine. It should raise up high enough and wide enough to adequately support your frame. Usually backrests are about 12 to 19 inches wide. The backrest needs to be able to be adjustable so you can position it to a place that feels natural.

Solid Seating
Make sure you have enough padding and support in the seat, enough so that it will continue to be comfortable even after hours of sitting in it. It also should be wide and deep enough to fit your body comfortably. Typically the seat is about 17-20 inches wide, and the depth is enough so a person can rest their back against the backrest while leaving about two to four inches between the back of the knees and seat chair.

Although ergonomic chairs are often better for you than traditional chairs, it’s still not good for your health to sit for long periods of time—even in an ergonomic chair. That’s why standing workstations are such a great contribution to the office. They allow you to work sitting down, using an ergonomic chair, and then easily transition into a standing position when you need to relieve your spine and back.
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