August 13, 2015

Collaborative Workspaces are Revolutionizing the Standard Office Layout

by TrueNorth Desks

Managers are realizing more and more the importance of the old saying, “Two heads are better than one.” By having multiple people come together on a project, it allows a wider range of ideas as well as different perspectives on how to tackle problems, often leading to much better results. To fit with this line of thinking, interior office designs are starting to include collaborative workspaces filled with standing desks to encourage this sort of communication. This latest trend has become a helpful tool for companies.

Promotes Camaraderie in the Workplace
Cubicle walls discourage conversation between coworkers. They were designed to minimize talking so employees can concentrate on their work. But they can often make employees feel disconnected from the rest of the company. Teams work better if employees are able to get along and have mutual respect for each other.

Your employees will develop more unity and feel more connected if you set up collaborative workstations with height adjustable desks. It will help facilitate communication throughout the company since collaborative workspaces allow employees across departments to work together in one space. The final result is a stronger overall organization where employees feel connected to the entire company, not just one department.

Facilitates Exchange of Ideas
One of the biggest reasons to have collaborative workspaces is to encourage the sharing of ideas. Ideas aren’t planned, and they often occur without prompting. Scheduled brainstorming meetings are a great way to get ideas flowing, but sometimes employees may have ideas that pop up throughout the day. Collaborative workspaces allow these thoughts and ideas to be shared right when they occur. Instead of spending time writing an email or jotting down an idea, employees can quickly discuss a new idea with their coworkers and then get back to work without wasting time.

Collaborative spaces also increase the likelihood of problem solving. They can become a team’s hideaway; a place where they can work at standing workstations, brainstorm, and test out ideas until they come up with solutions. Many companies provide meeting rooms that teams must reserve, usually for an hour at most. Problems typically don’t get solved in an hour and brainstorming doesn’t happen within a scheduled time frame.

If you are looking to incorporate collaborative workspaces, TrueNorth standup desks are the perfect ergonomic office furniture to fill the space. These ergonomic office desks can help you transition from sitting to standing quickly. Just as collaborative spaces can transform into whatever an employee needs, so can our desks. We’d love for you to contact us.

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