November 8, 2016

Creative Alternative Uses for Your Standing Desk

by TrueNorth Desks

How-to-Choose-the-Perfect-Standing-DeskAt TrueNorth, we take pride in the craftsmanship of our sit to stand desks, and we believe that most everyone can benefit from owning one of these pieces of ergonomically sound office furniture. Our standing desks are engineered with the everyday-person in mind, and we make sure all of our products are built with quality materials and long-lasting ingenuity. While our line of standing desks was created to benefit the individual in an office workspace, that isn’t the only function they can serve. Here are 5 creative uses for standing desks, in both the office workplace and in the home:

Conference Tables

For certain work environments, collaboration around a conference table is best accomplished when standing rather than sitting. Architects, educators and start-up professionals all work in very collaborative fields that involve some sort of product manipulation. If employees are able to move efficiently around a workspace to view and work with various presented materials, they will be more likely to engage with and retain any number of new concepts. Encouraging this style of collaboration offers employees a sense of value in the workplace. Standing desks can be put together to form Tetris-like formations that encourage creativity and productivity amongst colleagues.

Art Workspace

For designers and illustrators, there is often a lack of space in the workplace. Most individuals in these fields utilize both a personal computer and desk space to work with concrete mediums. Artists want to move between these spaces seamlessly and without distraction. By using the two-tiered TrueNorth Align desk or our deep-set Balance desk, artists can set up two different stations in the same space. The whisper-like motor function on our sit to stand desks allows user autonomy and individualized preference. Artists are incredibly affected by their work environment, and the option to choose sitting or standing provides much-needed autonomy.  

In the Home

If you are working from home, or have a general home office area, a standing desk could be a great addition. Many people working from home are also working to manage the children’s schedule and household maintenance. Having a desk that allows for easy access to other areas of the home, allows for greater efficiency and productivity. Use your standing desk to set up a home office, general mail center and chore board. These desks take up less space and offer a cleaner, more minimalist look to the home. A standing desk can also be a great resource for a craft table. Choose from our multiple designs to find an option that best fits your needs. Instead of being forced to sit throughout various tasks at home, use ergonomic furniture and take better care of your health.

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Standing desks go a long way in preventing neck and back pain. These workstations can serve to assist many different individuals and professions, and shouldn’t be limited to a traditional 9-5 mindset. Ergonomic office furniture can be used throughout the day to promote a healthier lifestyle, and encourage creativity and productivity. Contact us today to learn more about our line of standing desks and to find out how they can best be used in your typical work day.

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