October 30, 2015

Develop a Google-Worthy Office Culture in Four Easy Steps

by TrueNorth Desks

Ever since Google burst on the scene as the poster child for fun, successful businesses, CEOs have been envying its culture. In fact, many of Google’s employee-friendly benefits are actually intended to boost profits, like the free breakfasts in the company commissary that save employees time in the morning and get them to the workplace faster. But even small businesses without Google’s huge budget can take these easy steps to building a better office culture while boosting productivity:

1. Take Casual Friday up a Notch
Investing in your office culture doesn’t always require a huge investment. Giving your employees a day to skip the suit and tie and dress casually doesn’t cost you a dime in time or money. But take it one step farther and give casual Fridays a theme (even something simple like, “college sweatshirt day” or the holiday themed, “ugly sweater contest”) and you’ll also be creating a bond between your employees by giving them a shared experience. All for the low, low cost of nothing!

2. Celebrate Achievements and Special Occasions
Employees spend so much time working that they often don’t get to celebrate when a project launches. As a business leader, taking time out to celebrate employees’ achievements (in work and outside work) reinforces how valuable your employees are to you. Celebrating them in public where the whole company can join in doesn’t just help the employee being celebrated either—it gives the whole office the chance to feel like their work matters.

3. Combine Your Fun with Fitness
Fun activities for no reason at all are great, but if you combine them with healthy behaviors, you’re getting extra bang for your buck. Challenges based around step-counters like the popular FitBit device, a company half-marathon team, or a Biggest Loser-style weight loss contest can build camaraderie and encourage healthier choices in your employees. And the benefits of healthier employees are something we talk about a lot about here at TrueNorth.

4. Pay Attention to Office Details
It’s easy to breeze through chores like buying corporate furniture. Spending time getting these kinds of details right can go a long way towards creating a great office culture. Buying unique office furniture like a ergonomic workspace might not seem like a big deal, but it’ll get you a long way towards getting rid of the feeling that your office is just another cubicle graveyard where old corporate furniture goes to die. And those are the kinds of office tweaks that make your employees love coming to work every day. The best part is that using our TrueNorth line of standing desks, you can do it without breaking the bank.

If you’re ready to take a step towards a new company culture, check out our complete line of standing desks. And contact us today to get started.

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