November 2, 2016

Discover Link Between Stand Up Desks and Healthier Lifestyle

by TrueNorth Desks

discover-link-between-stand-up-desks-and-healthier-lifestyleIf there is one universal truth, it is that everyone wants to live a healthier lifestyle. It doesn’t matter who you are, what you look like, what you like to do — it can be agreed that more can be done to reach our individual health goals. And that’s OK! We should always be reaching for the next goal, whether in nutrition, athletics, emotional support, or financial security. At TrueNorth, we fully support individuals’ attempts to continually improve themselves. And we’re here to help! Our sit to stand desks are designed to promote and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Here are 4 ways standing desks and personal health are connected:

Human Interaction

It’s important to have human interaction throughout the day, especially if you are working in an office environment. Seeing people all day from across the office, but not finding time to engage in conversation can be very lonely for most people. When standing desks are used in an office environment, they allow people to move around the office in a more seamless manner. This isn’t to promote wasted time, but shared connection. Allowing employees a chance to interact and collaborate with their peers encourages healthy competition and increases general office morale.


While using a sit to stand desk, employees have the opportunity to become more efficient with their day-to-day tasks. When more is being accomplished throughout a workday, a general feeling of self-satisfaction is more possible and carries over into the evenings and weekends. Employees want to be proud of the work they’ve accomplished throughout the week, and a huge component in that is individualized choice. Our whisper-like motor easily allows users to choose between sitting and standing throughout the workday. A standing desk won’t automatically make each of your employees successful, but it will encourage better habits of efficiency, which often lead to success.

Active Movement

Exercise is the best way to maintain a healthy lifestyle, and by using a standing desk you can find ways to stay active throughout the day. Lower back pain and neck pain are too often the result of immobile lifestyles, and ergonomic office furniture helps counter that problem. Individuals who use standing desks can improve their posture, general endurance and stamina. Employers should consider how their corporate furniture promotes health – many individuals in the creative fields can afford to be picky when choosing jobs, and they want to work for people who take their health seriously.

Compartmentalized Mindset

Healthy individuals are able to take on whatever life throws at them. This attribute is a result of being able to compartmentalize. When you are moving through the office efficiently, and using the motorized function on your desk to go from sitting to standing, you are challenging yourself in small ways in your ability to compartmentalize. Successful people are able to compartmentalize and get more work done. Invest in this sort of employee by offering the option of sit to stand office furniture.

At TrueNorth, we know that promoting a healthy lifestyle is a key goal of many employers around the country. We believe our line of motorized standing desks can assist employees in leading a healthier lifestyle, and we’d love to talk with you about your office needs. Contact us today to learn more about how you can implement our standing desks in your office environment.  

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