March 4, 2016

Don’t Undo the Good of your Standing Desk

by TrueNorth Desks

More and more offices are introducing an adjustable height desk option to employees. Employees are seeing the health benefits of standing for a larger portion of their day. Studies show that not only are these workers healthier physically, they are also more creative and motivated during the work day. Companies are seeing the benefits from standing desks to their overall healthcare costs, too.

But what happens when you head home for the day? It can be easy to justify an evening of sitting time after a day of mostly standing. A recent study published by the American College of Sports Medicine found that employees who used a standing desk at work were more likely to increase their sitting time at home. While they still benefit from standing at work, often the sitting time at home would offset those many benefits.

There are a few ways to avoid this offset. Obviously, cutting down on your sitting down time at home is key. Most of us either drive or ride a train to work. Use this as your sitting and leisure time. If you are a sitting passenger on your way home, use this time to read. That way you will feel like you had some time to decompress before getting home. If you are driving, listen to music, a book, or your favorite podcast to wind down.

Once you are back home, you will feel like you have had a little down time. Now is your chance to stand up again.  While exercising may seem like the most foreign thing to do after a long day at work, it is the best way to regain your energy. Going for a quick walk or run outside is the best thing for your health. If the weather is not suited to this type of activity, spend a half hour doing exercises in your living room. If you start doing this after work each day, it will quickly become a habit, and one that will be hard to break. Just like using a standing workstation took some getting used to, so will these other new healthy habits.  

Whatever you do, stand while you do it. Maybe when you get home you need to get on the computer to pay bills or answer some emails. Doing this activity at your kitchen counter rather than your couch will benefit your health. Even better, invest in a standing desk for your home office, especially if you spend time working from home during the week or on the weekends. If you like to make calls to catch up with friends or family after work, walk around your house or even outside while talking on your phone.

At some point it will be time to rest on the couch and watch a favorite show or read. It is always good to take some time to relax after a long day at work. But set a timer to remind yourself to get up and move around every once in awhile. Your body and mind will thank you later.
Like any new habit, it may take some time to get used to all of this standing and walking around. But once it becomes a habit, the benefits will outweigh the original discomfort. True North Desks understands how taking little steps, like working at standing desks, can lead to overall healthier living. Contact us or visit our website today to learn more about our standing workstation options.

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