June 21, 2016

Employee Bonding Ideas (Other than Happy Hour)

by TrueNorth Desks

Happy hour is a great idea for some team bonding. Everyone is able to step away from their standing desks at the end of the day and relax with their coworkers, allowing everyone to become better friends. But your company may be looking for more than just a drink or two to get everybody together. If you want your employees to really bond outside of their standing workstation or office environment, then we at True North Desks have some fun ideas (other than happy hour) to get everybody together.

Take a hike

While the idea of a “corporate retreat” may make someone’s stomach turn, going out for a hike with your coworkers can be really fun and a great way to bond. The key here is to plan your adventure on a regular workday. Employees may be hesitant to use their Saturday to spend with their coworkers, but planning an adventure on a workday means that everybody will show up. Most of us would be pretty excited to get a workday to spend away from our stand up desk and away from the pressures of the office. Be sure to plan thoroughly by having everybody bring a lunch and drinks, or taking care of this yourself. A well planned hike will make for a fun time for all.


Start the team bonding by deciding on how your group can volunteer together. Will you choose one day a month or one day a year? Have everyone do some research on some worthy causes in your community and present their ideas to the group. Take a vote and set the date to start working together to help others. If volunteering as a group is something that your company wants to do on a regular basis, then find an organization that could use regular and long term help. Helping others is a sure way to get your team working together and building stronger relationships.

Field Day

For those of us who want a more interactive and competitive bonding day, get your team away from their standup desk for a traditional field day. Think back to your elementary school days where you ran the three-legged race, carried an egg with a spoon, and struggled at tug-of-war. Team up coworkers with people that they do not normally work with. This allows everyone in the office to learn more about each other and work together in a way that they couldn’t on a regular work day at the standing desk. End the day with a big cook-out and an awards ceremony.
There are countless other ways to build office relationships. If you are an employee working at a company that does not organize these types of events, then start organizing some get-togethers on your own. Maybe you want to train for a marathon. Find other coworkers who have the same passion and start training together. If you love to read, organize a book club with other people at the office who share your interest. Working at a standing desk is another great way to facilitate conversations and collaboration within the office. True North Desks has several standing desk styles and one that is sure fit your office needs.

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