February 10, 2016

End Your Back Pain With Stand Up Desks

by TrueNorth Desks

If you have back pain—or if you are looking to prevent it—standing desks can be a natural option to set you on a pain-free path. You could easily spend countless hours in doctors’ or physical therapists’ offices searching for a solution to your back pain (not to mention the obscene costs). And the choices you are often left with are surgery and medication. Stand up desks, on the other hand, aren’t disruptive to your life and they can help relieve pain and prevent it from returning in the future. Sound too good to be true? Not in the least.

Learning to Live With the Pain

If you have ever experienced back pain, you know the hinderance it can have on your daily life—making it more challenging to be active, have fun with your family or even do daily chores.

Natalie Jill, a fitness trainer in Los Angeles, began experiencing severe back pain in her 40s. Her whole life was devoted to fitness, yet she couldn’t do simple exercise movements because her pain was so intense. Jill saw numerous medical professionals and they advised her to undergo surgery and take medication.

As a fitness trainer, she wanted to find a more natural and less invasive solution to her pain, which lead her to core strength. She discovered that having a strong core will drastically reduce the amount of back pain you experience. Today, she’s virtually pain-free.

But how does motorized standing desks help with your core?

Sitting for hours each day is disastrous for your core strength. It’s one of the worst things you can do. When you are sitting, you aren’t engaging or activating your core muscles. You tend to slump forward, which puts pressure on the lower back. Standing desks allow you to transition to a position that engages your core muscles.

When you are standing, your muscles in your stomach area have to work to keep you upright and supported. You don’t have the option to recline back in your chair or slump your shoulders forward. You’ll start developing a better posture the more you work at a height adjustable desk.

All of this will lead to a decrease in back pain, along with an increase in your core strength. Jill advocates for standing desks—acknowledging the benefits they have for your core muscles, and she strongly advises to sit as little as possible if you have any issues with back pain.  
If you are looking for relief for your back pain as well as other types of pain, TrueNorth desks may be exactly what you need. Request a brochure or learn more about the benefits of height adjustable desks.   

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