June 2, 2016

Enjoy Lunch at Your Standing Desk

by TrueNorth Desks

The mid-day meal tends to be either the most boring or forgotten about meal, or the heaviest and at the nearest restaurant meal. It is time to make sure that your lunch is neither of those. When you have the time, it is a great idea to step away from your stand up desk and have lunch elsewhere. But there will be days, we have all had them, when you truly do not have the time to get out of the office for lunch. On the days when you must eat lunch at your standing desk, take a few tips from us at True North Desks on how to make that lunch satisfying and enjoyable.

Keep some staples

No matter what you are bringing for lunch, a few extra spices always help to make a meal better. Keep olive oil, condiments, good quality salt, pepper, and a few other favorite herbs and spices at your standup desk or in the office break room. If you have a favorite hot sauce, like Cholula or Tabasco, keep it handy, too. Your lunches, and maybe even some borrowing coworkers, will thank you.

Use real dishes

This may seem like a step too far, but eating your lunch on a real plate or out of a real bowl will make you real happy. It’s sad enough to have to eat lunch at your standing workstation every once in awhile, so make it a little happier and more civilized with dishes. Keep a few dishes, silverware, and even cloth napkins at work. Unpack your lunch onto your plate, lower your adjustable height desk, have a seat, and enjoy your meal. Just remember to clean up after yourself so that you can enjoy the same little luxuries the next time you eat at your standing desk.

Take a break

Obviously you are having a busy day if you can’t even step away from your office for lunch. But taking just 15 minutes to eat your lunch and take your mind off of work will be time well spent. A break will allow you to return to your work refreshed and energized, making you even more productive than before. So even if you are eating at your stand up desk, turn off your computer and your phone, and let your mind rest while you eat.

Plan ahead

Some days it is impossible to even grab breakfast, much less pack a lunch. But if you plan ahead, taking a healthy lunch to work will be easy to fit into your routine. Spend some time on Sunday preparing lunches for the week. Buy a rotisserie chicken or make a whole roasted chicken over the weekend. Use that meat in salads, chicken salad, sandwiches, etc for the week ahead. Go ahead and cut up your fruits and vegetables for snacks and store them in small plastic bags or reusable containers.
So when your days are full and you just can’t leave for lunch, at least you are prepared to have the best lunch possible at your standing desk. For more information on standing desk styles from True North Desks, request our brochure.

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