June 7, 2016

Enjoy Your Summer from your Standing Desk

by TrueNorth Desks

At one point in our lives, summertime meant days off from school, going to the pool or taking a vacation to the beach, and spending all day outside. As adults who work full time, summer means days at the office while dreaming about days off at the pool or the beach! It can be a difficult transition from enjoying summers off to working full time. But just because you may be spending all summer at your standing desk doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy some of the perks of summer. Here are a few fun ideas from True North Desks on ways that you can soak up some summer vibes while working at your standup desk.

Bring the beach to your stand up desk

Decorating your stand up desk can be a fun way to enjoy summer while you are at work. Indoor plants are a great way to add greenery to your standing workstation while also cleaning the air. If you want something a little more colorful, set aside some cash each week to buy fresh flowers to keep at your standing desk. Little touches like that can really change your attitude. If your office has a more relaxed environment, decorate your standing desk with tropical garland and bring in leis for you and your co-workers to wear. Everybody’s day will be brightened by bringing summer inside.

Get outside

You may not be able to take a week off to head to the beach, or even a long weekend, but you can still get some Vitamin D everyday. Leaving your stand up desk and taking your lunch break outside can greatly improve your mood and help you celebrate the hot days of summer. Walk to a nearby park and have a quick picnic lunch. If you have some summer beach reads that you have been waiting to crack open, carry a book with you. Even a 30 minute outside lunch while reading a little can feel like a mini-vacation during a long work day.

Another way to soak up that Vitamin D during the week is to take a walking meeting. Whether you are hosting a brainstorming session, or are having a small meeting with just a few other employees, take it outside. Walking meetings are not only great for getting out of the office but can also spark your creativity and boost your energy. Everyone involved will appreciate the opportunity to step away from their standing workstations and enjoy the outdoors.

Plan your weekends

Spending your weekends curled up on the couch watching TV may seem relaxing, but the truth is that getting out and being a little adventurous is the best thing you can do with your time off. Many successful people swear by using their weekends to explore, exercise, and spend time with their family and friends. Plan a hike or join a summer sports league to get moving. Organize a cook-out or a picnic with friends at a nearby park. Ask everybody to bring some fun outdoor activities, like frisbees and footballs. Having something to look forward to on the weekends can really help you get through a long week inside the office.
Standing desks are the first step to keeping your body in shape and energized during these long summer months. True North Desks has many standing desk styles and one that is sure to meet your everyday needs. Request our brochure to find out more.

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