June 17, 2015

The Odyssey: A Top-of-the-Line Standing Desk

by TrueNorth Desks

TrueNorth™ offers nine different stand up desk options, and each one has a unique build and structure so that companies can select the desk that’s right for their employees. The TrueNorth™ Odyssey is an option that any employee would fall in love with. It’s that good.

Here are few of the features that make the Odyssey such a standout, stand up desk:

Surface Area
The Odyssey has the largest surface area of all the TrueNorth™ height adjustable desks. When many people work, they want to have elbow room and space to spread out their files, papers, and various devices. But on top of that, employees want to have room to personalize their areas with family photos and the occasional office plant. Many traditional corporate desks just don’t have the space to accommodate all of this, but the TrueNorth™ Odyssey was specifically designed to give employees the maximum amount of surface area to create and produce great work.

Interior Curve
With a traditional office desk, employees are only able to face in one direction and don’t have the option to move around. Not true with the Odyssey. Its curved interior edge allows an employee to work from multiple angles, taking advantage of every area of the desk. They have the option to work facing forward or on either the left or right side. When employees have to work at the same desk 40 hours a week, having the ability to move around and change their location can be a little slice of heaven.

As employees pile papers, files and books onto their workspace, they need to be confident that their desk can support the weight. Each surface on the Odyssey can support 450 lbs. Sure, employees may not get anywhere close to this weight. But companies can be assured that the designers at TrueNorth™ built the Odyssey to handle anything thrown at it, or on it.

Serious Stability
The Odyssey has three different forms of support that were strategically positioned to give the desk maximum amount of stability. When employees are working, they don’t want to worry about wobbly desks. This distracting problem will decrease productivity. The Odyssey’s three legs provide a solid platform for all points of the desk.

Openings for Electronic Cords
It can be such a pain trying to reach around the outer edge of the desk to unplug and plug cords. There’s just no easy way to do it. And when the cord is successfully plugged in, it always looks unorganized or messy. With the Odyssey, you have built-in openings for cords to easily slide in and out. Employees don’t have to reach around the desk blindly trying to fit a cord into an outlet. They can just feed the cord through the hole and plug it in, creating a neater and tidier desk space.

Discover how to customize the Odyssey with a variety of color options here.

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