September 1, 2016

Find Some Privacy even when you Work in an Open Office Space

by TrueNorth Desks

Open workspaces are becoming more and more popular with all types of businesses. Open workspaces filled with standing desks are great spaces for collaboration and creativity. Many people thrive on the energy gained from working next to others. But some people need their space. Even extroverts need time away from their coworkers occasionally to take care of certain tasks that need devoted attention. So how can you find some peace and quiet when you work at a standing desk in an open workspace? We at True North Desks want to give you some tips on how to make an open office space work for you when you need some privacy.

Get away from your standing desk for your alone time

On your busiest days, you may be tempted to eat lunch at your stand up desk. While that may seem productive, it can be more energizing to step away for a quiet lunch on your own. Your mind needs a break from work, but you may also need a break from your coworkers. Rather than grabbing lunch with them or eating at your stand up desk where you will be having conversations, get out of the office and away from your standing desk for lunch alone. If you have a park nearby, this can be a great time to get some fresh air, too.

Create some walls

Working at a standing workstation in an open floor plan may leave you feeling too exposed. While cubicle walls may not be an option, there are some simple ways to create more of a closed office feeling. Potted plants and hanging plants around your adjustable height desk are helpful in creating a feeling of privacy. If you have the option of moving your standing desk, then a spot against a wall is ideal if you feel the need for more of a closed office environment. Buy a coat rack that can stand on the other side of your desk. Hanging your coat there will create another wall type feeling, allowing you a little bit of privacy while working.

Book a small meeting room (just for yourself)

We all need some true alone time now and then. If getting out for lunch or coffee alone isn’t enough for you, then book a small meeting room just for yourself. When you need to concentrate on a project or task, you may feel distracted by those around you in your open office plan. If you book some time alone in a meeting room, you will be guaranteed the privacy that you need in order to get your work done.

Wear your headphones

While collaboration and openness can lead to more productivity, constant availability may keep you from getting your work done. Wearing your headphones is a sign to your coworkers that you are in the middle of something important and wish to not be disturbed. Although you may still be interrupted occasionally, people are less likely to start up a conversation if they can see that you are focused on a task and are tuned out from the outside world with your headphones in. Check out the best music to listen to while working at your standing desk.

Standing desks, whether in an open floor plan or a traditional office space, are vital to healthy living at the workplace. Check out the many styles of standing desks offered by True North Desks.

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