July 19, 2016

Find the Best Reusable Mug to Keep at Your Standing Desk

by TrueNorth Desks

We have already talked about finding the best reusable water bottles at your stand up desk. The benefits of using a reusable water bottle are many. You will certainly drink more water, maintain better energy levels, not to mention help the environment by keeping plastic bottles out of landfills. But what about the most important drink of the day? For many of us, our day has not yet started until we have had a hot cup of coffee, or 2 or 3. But some mornings, we just don’t have the time to finish our coffee and are stuck leaving a half drunk mug in the sink. On those mornings you may feel like you are lagging and tired.

So it is time for you to find the perfect reusable mug to carry from home, on your commute, and keep at your standup desk for an afternoon refill. Similar to looking for the perfect water bottle, there are many characteristics of a travel mug that you may want to consider. Here are few that we at True North Desks think are valuable when choosing your mug to bring to your standing workstation.


Durability of a travel mug is key. This coffee mug will be carried with you to many different places. It has to make it from your home to your car, train, or even bike, and into your office to rest on your standing desk, then back again. While some of the best looking travel coffee mugs are porcelain, it is important to take the time to consider the travel plans of your mug before purchasing a breakable item. Go for a silicone cup or stainless steel for the sake of durability. Be sure to check out the lid situation before purchasing. If you will be tossing your cup in a pouch on the side of your bag while you travel, you want to be sure that it will not spill during your ride to work.

Keep it hot

Unless you are drinking iced coffee every day, you will want your travel mug to keep your coffee hot enough to sip on throughout the morning and even during meetings at your adjustable height desk. Find an insulated stainless steel travel mug if you like to keep your coffee hot all morning.


The size of your travel coffee mug is just as important as the other two features above. If you know you just want to take a small amount of coffee in with you to work, then go for a smaller cup for easy travel. If you are one who will have no time to drink coffee at home and are depending on your travel mug for your entire morning’s caffeine fix, then be sure your cup is big enough to handle all you need. Some travel mugs may be too wide to fit in your car’s cupholder, so be sure to check the width before purchasing if you plan on sipping while driving.
Whatever your preference, you will love the convenience of taking your coffee on the go. Many coffee shops will even give you a discounted price on your favorite drink if you bring in your own reusable mug. Keep that cup at your standing desk for an afternoon refill when you start to feel the mid-day slump creeping in. For more information on standing desks, request a brochure from True North Desks. We offer many styles of standing desks, one that is sure to fit into your office style.

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