May 17, 2016

Get a Standing Desk for your Second Desk

by TrueNorth Desks

There are times during your day, no matter what your job title may be, that you need to unplug. Can you imagine having a desk that is free of a computer, cell phone, tablet, etc? A tech free desk is a place where you can freely think, brainstorm, and design. You can have a space to do the things that are impossible to do when you are plugged into technology. A standing desk is the best solution for your second desk.

Standing desks are known for how they help people to become more productive during the day.

There are a few ways that this happens. Standing at a stand up desk keeps your body energized. With more energy at your standing desk, you are likely to be more productive. The same goes for creativity. When you feel sluggish or run down, you are not able to be as creative. A standing workstation allows you to focus and get more creative with all of your ideas.

So let’s talk a little bit about how you can divide up your tasks for each desk. The goal here is to spend your time working efficiently at each type of desk.

Desk One: Technology Desk

This desk, whether it is a standing desk or a traditional desk, will be your tech desk. Your computer lives here, your phone is plugged in, and you have your schedule nearby. This is a place to really get tasks completed. You must define the tasks that will go on at this desk. If you need to make phone calls during your day, tech desk is your base. Sending emails and working on spreadsheets happen at Desk One. This desk is very important to your job, but you will find that you can easily be distracted here. If you need to spend some time brainstorming or sorting through new ideas, you will find that your phone buzzes with email alerts or text messages. Maybe you find yourself scrolling through Facebook or reading articles on your computer when you should be working. Either way, technology can be a huge distraction but also necessary to your work.

Desk Two: Tech Free Desk

Desk Two should definitely be a standing desk, even if Desk One is, too. This desk is made to get your creative juices flowing. No matter what your job is, there will be times when you need to unplug and think through problems or ideas. A standing desk is also a great place to collaborate with other people on your team. Hold meetings at your standing desk in order to work through new ideas. Just remember, this is a tech-free zone! Leave your computer and phone at Desk One. Desk Two is a place for pens, notebooks, and blank paper, just think 20th century desk style when you are preparing this space.


Having these two spaces to get your work done will make your days more efficient. Knowing that you have an adjustable height desk to escape the distractions of technology will open up your mind to new ideas. When you are ready to get your standing desk, True North Desks has many styles, one that is sure to fit your needs for Desk One and Desk Two. Contact us today and get your standing desk brochure.

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