December 10, 2015

Get in the Holiday Spirit with Standup Desks & Other Tips

by TrueNorth Desks

As Christmas and New Year’s steadily approaches, your employees are probably overwhelmed thinking about their endless Christmas shopping lists, dealing with travel plans and the hectic family visits. With all the anxiety that comes with the holiday season, why not make your office a place where employees can forget about all that and instead, feel joyful about the upcoming holidays? It will put them in better spirits when they start their workday, which benefits the company as well.

Here are a few tips on how you can inject a little holiday spirit around the office. Your employees will thank you for it.

Decorations Around Personal Space
Get your employees in the festive spirit by letting them decorate their desk areas. From small décor to stringing up lights, they’ll enjoy being able to personalize the office. Our TrueNorth desks are perfect for decorating, because each standup desk has lots of surface area so the decorations won’t interfere with their working area.

Designate an Ugly Sweater Day
Everyone loves a good ugly sweater around Christmas time, and it’s the perfect way to lighten the mood and introduce some camaraderie around the workplace. Designate one day (probably a Friday) where everyone in the office can wear their most ridiculous sweaters or holiday attire, and perhaps have an award for the best one.

Hold a Holiday Bake-off
Holidays are synonymous with eating, and everyone can enjoy a great holiday bake-off. The bakers around the office will love to stretch their cooking muscles and receive compliments. And all those non-bakers will love the chance to taste all the delicious food.

Give the Gift of Good Health
One of the best things you can do this season is to give your employees the gift of good health—a gift that keeps on giving. When you give TrueNorth standup desks to your employees, you will be reducing their risk of developing cardiovascular disease, obesity, and diabetes. A monetary Christmas bonus will put a little more money in the bank, but a motorized standing desk can add years to someone’s life—a priceless commodity.

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