December 26, 2016

How Corporate Office Furniture Affects Corporate Branding

by TrueNorth Desks

The race to stay relevant is one of the key points of focus for many businesses across America. If your brand, your product, your company or your influence is no longer relevant, it becomes difficult to impossible to stay afloat. Company branding and marketing goes a long way in securing relevancy in the busy marketplace. At TrueNorth, we understand the importance of maintaining corporate morale and employee satisfaction, and we’ve developed a line of standing desks that take both of these areas into serious consideration. Here are 4 Ways that Corporate Office Furniture Affects Corporate Branding:

Employee Satisfaction

For many sought-after professionals, the burden of remaining relevant and attractive falls on the employer. Maintaining quality client representatives and customer support is of the utmost importance, and employers must find ways to keep employees satisfied. Ergonomic office furniture is one of the top ways that employers can invest in their employees’ overall health and happiness. Standing desks can lower risk of cardiovascular diseases, obesity and diabetes. The programmable, motorized feature on our sit to stand desks allows users to seamlessly move between and seated and standing position. A combination of sitting and standing is optimal for your health, and standing between three to five hours a day is ideal.

Competitive Atmosphere

Corporate environments that encourage competition among employees see not only higher productivity, but also a higher level of employee morale. It’s important that your team understands that every action affects the health of the workplace, and that their work is valued on every level. Standing desks encourage competition and productivity in the workplace. A collaborative environment is available when users arrange the the sit to stand desks in a Tetris-like formation. Collaborative environments breed competition and ways of discovering problem-solving methods within a workplace. When companies invest in this team mentality, they are improving the quality of their own brand and investing in employee capability and satisfaction.

Consistent Expectations

It’s said that habits take very little time to form, but a long time to break. Corporate America quickly created a habit of sitting behind desks and staring at computers, and it’s taking many people a long time to break that unhealthy cycle. Standing desks allow users to develop some healthier habits throughout the day. On average, you will burn up to 50 more calories every hour you stand instead of sit. Our motorized, sit to stand function on our standing desks allows users to develop a consistent routine throughout the work day. Rotating the work day between sitting and standing, be sure that you are standing for at least 4-5 hours of each day. The programmable function allows users to set these rhythms to a consistent time each day.

Quality Products

TrueNorth has developed a high quality line of standing desks. It’s harmful to your brand to use poorly designed or cheap office furniture for your employees. As you are expecting your workplace to deliver a fine product or service, it’s important that you invest in fine products and services for your brand. Our standing desks enhance your workspace with healthy, sustainable and high-quality solutions.

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At TrueNorth, we understand that maintaining your company’s name and reputation is the most valuable investment you can make. We agree, which is why we take such great pride in our line of sit to stand desks. Our team of customer service agents are able to assist you in determining the best desks for your environment. Contact us today to learn more about our standing desks.

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