March 26, 2017

How Ergonomic Office Furniture Affects Attitude, and Why it Matters

by TrueNorth Desks

For millions of Americans, chronic pain is sadly becoming a consistent reality. When we are in pain, our general attitude is negatively affected. At TrueNorth, we have created a series of adjustable height desks that are designed to alleviate chronic pain and support healthy living. Our standing desks play a role in improving form and function while at the office, and these benefits understandably support an overall positive attitude while at the workplace. Here is how ergonomic office furniture affects attitude, and why it matters:

Workplace Attitudes

While at the workplace, employees experience myriad of emotions. For the most part, people are able to keep emotions in check and maintain a professional composure. However, over time, the negative and positive aspects of our attitudes begin to weigh on us, and we will act out according to which one is most prevalent. It’s important to find ways throughout the workday to contribute to a positive work environment. If you are having to stretch your back out every time you stand up from your desk, chances are you experience some lower back pain while seated at the office. An adjustable height, sit to stand desk allows you the flexibility to easily move between sitting and standing positions. This small, seemingly inconsequential amount of flexibility offers a more positive environment while at work, contributing to a better attitude.

The Health Effect

TrueNorth standing desks can contribute to a healthier lifestyle, which affects an individual’s overall attitude. The office norm is to sit; however, we’re all learning that a sedentary lifestyle is proven to be harmful for your health. Studies show that you can’t reverse the poor effects of sitting all day with a vigorous morning or evening run. With a standing desk, you can lower your risk of obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and cancer. On average, you will burn up to 50 more calories every hour you stand instead of sit. TrueNorth sit to stand desks are a long-term solution to lowering future health costs, while keeping employees healthy and happy. An office environment is healthiest when its people are healthiest.

Poor Posture & Positive Attitudes

Remove the threat of negative attitudes by removing the reality of poor posture and unhealthy living. Office employees who are in good health are going to be happier than those that are not. Ergonomic office furniture offers employees a chance to improve their health while at work. As you invest in your employees’ health, you invest in the health of your brand. People want to feel valued and supported while at work, and your commitment to ergonomic office furniture goes a long way in achieving that goal.

Why It Matters

Employee satisfaction and health matters because it affects your brand, it establishes loyalty, and it contributes to a higher quality of life. When employees are happy at work, they perform better. Standing desks offer employees a chance to reduce back pain and promote health, while also offering them flexibility and autonomy in how to structure their day. Employees use the programmable height function on their standing desk to routinely adjust height, and each standing desk is designed to work collaboratively to form pod-like setups for employees.

Contact Us

At TrueNorth, we have created a line of standing desks that contribute to the overall health and attitudes of office employees. Our team of customer service representatives are available to help you determine which of our standing desks is best suited for you and your office. When choosing to invest in your corporate furniture, consider the many benefits offered through TrueNorth. Contact us today to learn more about our ergonomic office furniture and to get started on your order.

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