January 21, 2017

How Posture Affects your Digestive Health

by TrueNorth Desks

For many of us, it’s time to begin thinking about our health in terms other than just food and exercise. There are multiple areas of health that should regularly be considered, including posture. We are not meant to live hunched over in front of glaring screens for uninterrupted hours on end. It’s important that we regularly find ways to break unhealthy cycles. If poor posture is something of a norm for you, chances are it’s also affecting your digestive health. At TrueNorth, we believe in a standing desk lifestyle. Instead of sitting all day, a standing desk allows you the opportunity to practice good posture, and ultimately improve your digestive health. Here are 4 Ways Posture and Digestive Health are Connected, and how a standing desk can help:

Energy Levels

As our energy decreases throughout the day, our posture often bears the weight. We slump down further into our desk chairs, and then we wonder why we have issues of lower back and neck pain. Standing desks increase energy levels throughout the day. More calories are burned standing rather than sitting, and there is an increase in healthy living when that happens. Low energy levels contribute to poor posture, so why not ensure you have quality energy throughout the day? This energy also affects the rest of the office: As more and more employees embrace the standing desk lifestyle, positive energy is shared throughout the workspace.

General Mood  

Poor posture often is linked to a poor attitude. If you are constantly disgruntled, chances are you also don’t feel well. Digestion requires that we move cyclically throughout our days and weeks. We work hard, we rest well, and everything in between should contribute to those two areas. If you notice general discomfort or irritability throughout the week, begin to chart your digestive track, the amount of sleep that you get and the energy levels you are experiencing throughout the day. If you aren’t using ergonomic office furniture on a regular basis, then you are just adding to habitual discomfort. Make a change and consider how a standing desk could be used to enhance your lifestyle.

Food Choices

One of the obvious ways to adjust your digestive health is to reconsider the food options that you are using to fuel your day. If changes need to be made, pair them with efforts to improve your posture, utilize standing office desks, and exercise more regularly. Consider having a cup of tea in the afternoon instead of your third cup of coffee. Commit to bringing your lunch 15 days each month. Store smart snacks around your standing desk. All of these will contribute to a healthier lifestyle.

Level of Commitment

Throughout your work week, you’ll find there are times you are less motivated to focus on projects or complete work in a timely manner. One of the outstanding benefits of a standing desk is that it encourages brain activity through movement. Instead of sitting down, still, and bored, when you are standing you are actively engaging your brain more and more. This leads to more motivation and fewer cases of unhealthy living. Our motorized sit to stand desks easily transition throughout the day to ensure you are working to the best of your ability.

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At TrueNorth, we believe that our line of standing desks work with the human body to ensure optimal ergonomic support, and therefore more energy. If you or your employees are finding it difficult to maintain momentum throughout the workweek, we encourage you to strongly consider how standing desks could impact your office culture. Contact us today to learn more about our standing desks and to get started on your first order.

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