November 20, 2015

How to Avoid the Most Expensive Office Design Mistakes

by TrueNorth Desks

There’s a reason that qualified design professionals make a good living. It’s because when you’re designing commercial spaces, whether that’s regular corporate office space, or workspaces for creative professionals, or even warehouses, mistakes throughout the process can be costly. From productivity losses, redesign costs and more, there’s a price for not getting the job done right the first time. Your redesign might seem like a simple job, but years of study and experience gives these professionals the kind of perspective it takes to make sure you’re not making mistakes.

Designing for the company you are
Making purchasing decisions based solely on where you are at this exact point in time isn’t just foolish—it’s costly too. Is your company growing? Are you expecting to add locations, inventory or personnel? Making major adjustments to your layout, your furniture or your overall design costs you in time, lost productivity and redundant expenses, so maximize the efficiency of your money and avoid having to go through the whole mess all over again sometime soon. Another way this can bite you is by going the same old route that you’ve always gone before. Office redesigns are great times to think outside the box. Like changing to ergonomic workstations, for example.

Designing for the company you want to be
Going too big can be just as costly as going too small. Unused furniture will depreciate in value. Unused space can be a huge cost just in heating, cooling and other utilities. Packing a tiny office into a huge space can harm the company culture and even cost you in terms of worker productivity.

Instead of both of these, design for the company you expect to be, using real projections and data. There’s a time and a place to dream big. In fact, dreaming big is a hallmark of a good business leader, but during the design process isn’t the time to do it.

Saving money today to spend it tomorrow
That cheap furniture might look like a steal, but in the real world things that look too good to be true usually are. If you’re buying cheap, expect to get cheap results. You can’t pay for a junker and expect to get a Cadillac. Great furniture (we’re particularly fond of our line of motorized standing desks) doesn’t just ensure that you get the most out of your valued employees—it also means your investment is going to last. Cheap furniture often ends up costing more in the long run through replacement and maintenance costs.

Letting suppliers push you around
One way suppliers might be pushy is to draw out the purchase process while slowly creeping the cost up, so that by the time you realize the price is way over the initial quote the person gave you, you’re so tired of dealing with it that you’re not going to want to start over with a new supplier. This can be avoided by being aware and asking the right questions.

Try us out today
TrueNorth can be a great partner through your redesign. We’ve built one of the finest lines of sit to stand ergonomic desk lines on the market today, like our Odyssey desks.

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