April 22, 2017

How to Bring Routine to Your Home Office, and Why You Should

by TrueNorth Desks

More and more office workers are forgoing the traditional 9-to-5 cubicle lifestyle for one that more easily blends personal and professional. Home offices and co-work spaces are on the rise, and individuals are finding that the flexibility and autonomy enriches their daily lives. However, this new way of work can easily become all consuming, and boundaries are needed to maintain a healthy routine between your family life, social activities, and your time at your standing workstation. Here is how to bring routine to your home office, and why you should:

Set Hours

Healthy boundaries are possible when working from home. Create set hours for yourself and for your family. These are the hours that you aren’t to be interrupted, and they are the only hours you have to get all of your work done. Creating this type of structure allows you the freedom to tune out the rest of the world when you’re working at your sit to stand desk, and it lets you close the door at the end of each day.

Separate Space

Ensure that you have a separate space for your work. When work routines blend in with leisure routines, you end up not doing anything very well. Even if you can’t have a closed door, at least set up a desk for yourself in a quieter room of the house. If your own space isn’t available in your house, research co-working spaces or standing desks that you can rent around town. Routine and productivity are going to be achieved when you know where you’re working and what your hours are.

Ergonomic Support

Invest in ergonomic office furniture for your home office. Standing desks are known to lower the risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and obesity for users. The furniture in your office should contribute to your health, not deter it. If you’re worried about the initial investment, remember that a standing workstation at home is going to offer you the most secure and motivating work environment of your life.

Keep it Nice

Don’t treat your home office like your laundry room! Keep it clean and take pride in the ergonomic workspace that you’ve created for yourself. Take time at the end of each day to clear off any trash and wipe down hard surfaces with a disinfectant. Hang family pictures or inspirational prints. Buy office supplies that you like to use and make sure that the overhead lighting is soft and that you make the most of the natural lighting you’ve got.  

Why It Matters

Establishing healthy and productive routines during the workweek help us to make the most of our days. Success is a product of planning. To be successful with your home office, put in the effort to plan out how it’s going to happen.

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