November 3, 2016

How to Choose the Perfect Standing Desk

by TrueNorth Desks

How-to-Choose-the-Perfect-Standing-DeskChoosing the best ergonomic desk for your office is an important step for all office managers. Skilled and competent employees are being offered a lot of jobs before they decide on your company. You need to make them happy in order to maintain their interest and loyalty to your brand. As you consider the sit to stand desk options available and determine how to best implement them into your office environment, we have a few tips for how to select the best standing desk:


We have created an elaborate line of motorized standing desks to accommodate many different types of work. We have corner desks, multi-tiered desks, desks with deep-set sides, and also very basic options. Depending on the type of work performed at your office, you’ll want to choose a very specific desk. If various job titles are present throughout your company, you’ll want to invest in a few of our desk designs. We suggest getting several different ones to try out and see what fits throughout the office, before making a larger order of standing desks. All of our standing desks are made with the highest quality of standard and craftsmanship.


A big part of deciding which desk is best for you is personal preference. If you prefer to have a lot of surface space to work on, you might want to consider the TrueNorth Balance. If you prefer having multiple levels at your desk, consider the TrueNorth Align or the TrueNorth Aspire. If you are not sure what you prefer, keep tabs on your regular workspace throughout the next week. Do you require a large amount of surface space to write or work with your hands? Do you mostly just use the PC at your desk, or do you need to consider how to accommodate various office supplies that clutter your desk? Pay attention to what you actually like and how you prefer to work, and then find the desk that matches you — don’t just try to match the desk.

Office Space

Even if you are in a small office, standing desks use just as much room as traditional sitting desks. Consider ways you can use your Tetris skills to fit multiple motorized standing desks next to one another throughout the office. A lot of creative employees prefer to have their sit to stand desks in close quarters with others to allow for a collaborative environment.  


Determining whether your company can afford to invest in standing desks is a tricky topic. It’s a matter of value. Ask yourself, “Can I afford to have many of my employees suffering from lower back or neck pain?” If you answer that question honestly, you’ll find the answer to be a resounding, “No!” You need your employees to be at work! You need them to be healthy! As you prepare your new budget for next year, seriously consider how you can make space for more ergonomic office furniture, such as our standing desks.

At TrueNorth, we know that corporate furniture is a large investment. We want to make sure we can answer all of your questions, and provide you with as much detail about our standing desks as you need. Please contact us today to learn more about how you can incorporate motorized standing desks in your office.  

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