October 14, 2015

How to Encourage Teamwork in the Office

by TrueNorth Desks

Ever since that first middle school group project, we’ve all experienced what it’s like working in teams. Sometimes it’s great—with everyone pitching in to help, pulling their weight and exchanging ideas respectfully. But sometimes, it can be a challenge. Yet good teamwork is crucial for a company to thrive. There are a few ways you can help promote teamwork around the workplace, like introducing adjustable height desks into the office, which can build better camaraderie and lead to better results.

Here’s some advice on how you, as a manager, can get your team to work better together:

Encourage Clear Communication
One of the biggest downfalls for teams is not having enough clear communication. People forget to inform everyone in the group about project details. People don’t inform the team when they run into problems. It’s not a great way for a team to operate. So when you are working in a team, make sure to give people the space to say what should be said and things will flow seamlessly, while also increasing the likelihood of productivity.

Establish Roles and Responsibilities
As the manager, you need to make sure each person knows what his or her responsibilities are for a project, as well as making sure that the entire team is aware of who is handling what task. When each person is clear on his or her responsibility there’s less chance of confusion. It’s also easier to hold people accountable if a task doesn’t get accomplished. Team members won’t need to resort to blaming each other because everyone will know who’s in charge of what.

Create Opportunities to Promote Teamwork
Teamwork isn’t an innate thing that employees seek out. People tend to focus only on what they need to accomplish instead of trying to involve other people. Set up opportunities for employees to come together and collaborate. An easy way to do this is to incorporate standing workstations throughout the office. These standing desks can rise up and create a meeting place for employees to gather around and exchange ideas, which encourages and promotes teamwork.

Encourage Relationships Outside of the Office
Employees will work together a lot easier if they have respect for one another. With mutual respect, employees are more invested in making sure the team is successful. But a work environment can be a challenging place to encourage friendships among coworkers because it’s such a results oriented and high stress environment. Create opportunities for your team to get together outside of work, either for a happy hour, a lunch or a team-bonding experience. It will help create a sense of unity.

Teamwork is crucial for any company. Encourage employees to come together by introducing TrueNorth stand up desks. Request a brochure to learn about all the benefits of having motorized standing desks in the office.

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