June 30, 2016

How to Keep Your Standing Desk Looking Sophisticated

by TrueNorth Desks

The place where you spend most of your day, your standing desk at the office or at your home office, should be a sophisticated and organized space. Having an organized stand up desk will help you stay on task during your work day, no matter how much you have to accomplish. Even if organization and style are not your strong points, we have some simple steps to follow in order to style your desk. Just remember, less is more. Standing desks are easy to keep clutter free because they are so stylish on their own. So take a look at our list of must haves when keeping a sophisticated standing desk from True North Desks.

Invest in a beautiful chair

It may seem counterintuitive to invest in a great chair when you work at a standing desk, but there will be times that you want or need to sit down. An adjustable height desk allows you to stand to work for most of your day, but sit when you need a break or need to concentrate on a specific task. So invest in a chair that is comfortable and stylish in order to set the tone for the style of your space.

Fresh flowers

While you don’t want to have too many unnecessary items on your desktop, fresh flowers make everyone happy. Even a small vase with just one or two flowers can really help your attitude during the day. If fresh flowers seem like too much of a hassle to buy each week, then indoor plants around your standing desk will help clean the air and add some style to your standing desk.

A favorite mug or reusable bottle

It is important to drink enough water and sometimes enough coffee to make it through your day. Keep your favorite mug or a brightly colored reusable water bottle on your standing desk. Pouring that cup of coffee into your favorite mug can really brighten up a slow morning. Keep a few fresh lemons on hand to add to your water for a fresh twist, or check out our list of refreshing summer drinks to enjoy at your standup desk.

Desk organizer

In order to keep your standing desk clutter free, you have to invest in a stylish desk organizer. Fine one that fits your personal style. Whether that means one in natural wood, a bright acrylic style, or metal, just be sure it can keep all of your things in their place. A desk organizer should have a space for your keys, your phone, pens, and even some stationery.
The key to staying organized and keeping a sophisticated desk space is to remember that less is more. At the end of each day, take just a minute to clean off your desk. Get rid of any papers you no longer need, and organize those that you will need the next day. Keep a filing cabinet underneath your standing workstation for other papers you will need on hand but not immediately. If you are not yet working at a standing desk, check out the many styles offered by True North Desks.

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